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You know what I mean? But that was the story of the day because we didn't know and one thing that we're clear about is that Sarah Palin has been treated like garbage by a lot of people in this country. We can agree to that. Right. I think so you can media treated like crap. I think the Democrats Twitter like crap. I mean, it is passing John McKay. Treat her like crap. Didn't even invite her to the to the the funeral right? So we're floating around on on Friday. It was Friday, right? We're floating around on Friday. And by the way, carries a new studio. So I think that you've been quiet for a reason. I just want people understand. There are a lot of there's a lot of duck feet moving in water today. We're taking names, and we're still going to do a great show for you promise. And by the way, let me just say this, Dan, and Jason and all the engineers have it. Absolutely amazing gonzo. These guys have done amazing work. So what it's done and he's not done yet. But what he's done. It's going to be amazing. So we're we're floating around on Friday. And we're onto stations in Alaska, we've got one hundred twelve stations now nationwide were on Newsmax TV where the entire world can see if they want. I get this. Facebook message from somebody not named Sarah Palin, saying, hey, it's Sarah Palin. Rabbits. And I just wanted to say that that I I like what you had to say. And you're absolutely right of the nicer court of appeal and all this on Mike I wrote back and what I said was while you've got a famous name. And and her response was oh, no, no. It's really me. I promise. And I'm like, well that doesn't tell me anything you could say you promise. But I mean, I can be joepags Sam Sarah Palin, and that I promise. But if nothing else what we wanted to do. And and Sam euro in on this to your calling numbers, your you're looking to protect the governor, right? Oh, yeah. Definitely. That was our priority. Number one Kerry. From Saudi singer, Donald Trump without me. Yeah. So we don't want to take that kind of chance. So I said tell you what send me an Email, send me an Email and. She does but it's not from Sarah Palin, although it is from at Sarah Palin dot com. So that one of my cocaine intrigued because you really couldn't send it from that Email address. Or from that website, unless you're at least connected to the family, Mike what's going on here? Then she says another Email from g mail account now, Mike, okay, now, you're just confusing me. So in my infinite, wisdom, I decided. Eight like relaying all this information as we're doing the show Friday. I said I'm going to send you a tweet just like it gave you like the tweet the only person who's got access to Sarah Palin on Twitter, which is at Serapio USA would be her or her family or those who surround her and that are managing social media. So they're not liking it. So I'm telling you even carry them, a Mike Edison her I didn't believe it. There's no way this is her. Come on somebody make it up. So that gave Sam the phone number. He said call Sam tell the people what you said to me. I said that it was her commute. You said before you called. You forget I forgot what I what did I say a McCall in her. You said of embarrassed because it really embarrassed. It could have been anybody in Alaska. But if it really was Sarah Palin heights Sam calling let's talk to Sarah Palin. So you did eventually call. We took twenty seconds for you to say, no, these it. Yes, you called. And now, you're not talking to me at all on the radio talking to throw a little chat thing that we do and getting anything from you like is it her and your answer was. Yes. So carry that point you're still thinking. Yeah. And then Sam says, I'm pretty sure she's getting Todd Todd. Your husband. So I would just hang up with them. And we hit a breaker. We're in an interview that I taped earlier or something, and I actually called the number and Taty that's gonna packs you hold on. What are you doing? What is happening right now. So he hints hold on a second. Here's the phone to. To Sara person saying she's a high Joe, Sarah. No, it's not Sarah Palin say that when she's talking I'm saying, it's not therapy or not. And and I said is that an iphone? She said. Oh, yeah. They're all iphones and said can I face time? You right now, and I face time, and it was in fact Sarah Palin, and I showed it to you. I love that. I told her that I was going to post I didn't post the picture. And and we got to talk it. And it was great. She says I couldn't get through the phone lines. They were too busy. It's a busy show on the phone lines. So yeah, I'm with you. So. Yeah, that's that's how it all went down. I was like, well, I only have two minutes left in the show. Do you wanna come on? Do you want to tell you that you've made a great point or the night circuit court of appeals anybody else say that? And and it's exactly what would happen to Murkowski's this that and the other we were talking with them over the weekend and long story short. We have Sarah peel it on the show today and that'll be bottom of hour number two seven thirty eastern time. And we're gonna talk easy Kerry issue going to run against Rakowski. I don't know. Are we going to find out that find out? Okay. And also I wanted to compare and contrast how her family was treated in two thousand eight with how Cavanaugh and his family had been treated. In this ridiculous last month. We just had and how is it that Rakowski says she's a Republican once she's got real issues of first amendment second amendment. And now her excuse for Cavanaugh wasn't the guy was just because he's not the right guy at the right time, which doesn't make any sense. And by the way, does Lisa Murkowski get to walk away from the vote on Saturday for those of you had your heads in the sand. Yes, he is. Now, a supreme court Justice, at least we're Caskey voted. No. But then she rescinded the vote. Did you see all that go down carry? I did. Yeah. Heard about that. I mean what the? So very interesting. Very interesting. We talked about all of that. And then some and in those of you who see it on television. It'll be on Newsmax TV as well. She's like standing next to a beautiful lake in in Alaska. This. How what is going on here? You're the unit crazy using shot. Yes. So we'll have her on it's eight eight eight nine four one seven two four seven eight nine four one pags, and it's not really about Sarah Palin, a very dummy interview and bring it to you in about an hour and a half. But this really is about what happened this weekend. You do have a a Justice Cavanaugh. Was it fifty one forty seven is that what it ended up being fifty forty-seven? I believe it was fifty forty eight. Could have been forty acres dangers out. And yeah, fifty forty eight 'cause Danes in Murkowski were both out Danes was actually at his daughter's wedding and mccaskey ended up rescinding her votes as she just votes present. Although the first time around she did vote. No. And that's important the people of Alaska need to realize she did say, no to Justice cabinet. She never give a good reason why then the idiots tried to protest, and then who was scratching at the supreme court door, which made no sense. I mean, the whole thing has just been dumb will the Democrats now take a breath and back off or are they going to to continue this ridiculous outrage for no reason. Eight eight eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Stay right here..

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