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Is these queens at had cell phones back. Then you know it would have been caught on. People can see how there are being being treated and it. That's why stone was. What was the biggest one like you said so hot that media attention to it i actually wanted to. Dewey's did do is stop denying service to people who appeared homosexual so do case like they did not revert back they actually they actually like one but yeah contents in right here on our our our our backyard here. I have another another another couple of if we will. It's important to hear our history so you know what we're going to take the we're gonna take time because i i can honestly say i didn't know a single one of these stories. I did not. I had no idea. I'd no idea so this is the julius is Sip 'n and new york city. Yeah april twenty first nineteen sixty six so again in. New york's state the liquor authority had borrowed establishments from serving boost to gays And which we needed our drinks but they wouldn't get us and let stupid because you're missing out on money. 'cause will like drink exactly that we didn't go have kids like yes. Were missing all this disposable income y'all and so members of the mattachine societies if you don't know about them but they took a page from the civil rights movement and new conservatory theatre today show but the mattachine society and i tell you i learned from them. How would you describe the mattachine society. They were like an activist group. Org of yes hey In nineteen forty eight and in los angeles actually went onto be different units one in new york in one of the chicago. And they were it was designed actually around trying to it was kind of a radical almost notion of viewing If that they viewed it like gay history primarily i think there is strictly gay men as uplifting bear history and their community the way the civil rights movements had with with With the black community or without with jewish populations and communities in immigrants and trying to Assimilate them into the culture to stop the oppression..

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