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So let's talk about some. Strengths and weaknesses here, and you guys mentioned some of the numbers Ryan to go along with the seventy one percent free throw shooting. He also got to the line a lot. His free throw rate of forty eight point. Seven percent to put it into context was just one percent less than John's and you think about how often John was getting to the line. That's, you know, that is one of our strength as he can get it it, you know, he, he drive can get into the teeth of the defense and he can draw contact. And if he can make free throws at that rate that is going to help him score efficiently when maybe his jump shot isn't falling so much, you know. And I think you look at Andy, one of the strengths that jumps out that you think is kind of obvious is that turnover rate of seventeen point. Six percent was the best among guards last year. So even with some of his struggles later in the season, that was still a good number for obviously a program that has really struggled with turnovers. But it was combined with an assist rate of eleven point, nine percent that was by far the lowest of the guards and one of the lowest on the team. And so I think what you get with how. How is a guy who doesn't make a ton of just really bad passes really bad mistakes, but he's also not really creating a ton. And sometimes that is just kind of reticence out there on the perimeter to really do something to make a play. And so again, you know, you might deal with a little bit higher turnover rate. If he's creating for other guys getting some assists think about devante green what he brings to the table. So I think that's something to look for as Allen that progress into his sophomore season. Can he keep that turnover rate down and continue to make that a strength while improving one of his weaknesses, which now when you're playing on a team with guys like Romeo Lankford shooter like Evan Pfitzner and some of the other guys, Indiana has there should be more opportunities for him to drive and kick. And that was not some of that. He was very good at last year. He was good at driving, even using the pick and roll getting to the basket and doing some of those things. He was not good at driving with his head up and finding the open man. Well, I think when you look at those numbers together, it it, it kind of underscores one of the things that's hard to figure out about him, and that's really. His role will be going forward and we're gonna talk about that more later, but he's not a guy who's a true point guard. I think those numbers. The creation stuff that you talk about would really suggest that. But then some of the shooting questions at Ryan mentioned, Neo, kind of push you away from profiling him as a shooting guard. So he kind of sits in this combo guard status, and so you're just trying to figure out what he can really become. I do think because he's a guy who who showed some aggressiveness at attacking the basket feels like he should be guy that's able to create for others in terms of drawing defensive attention. I think so of his, you know, the floaters and things like that he was able to do in the lane show that he has some ability to finish..

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