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And assets WTO PFM Braddock heights Frederick Back to Jack Taylor in the traffic center Little heavy traffic in Maryland on two 70 south were good at Frederick moving through her banner but there's a little heavy traffic and hides town right there at one O 9 On route 80 going westbound at Monrovia Before 75 near chaucer court there had been an earlier crash a tree came down yesterday down down near treville on river road east of west of ez worthy road apparently we did have the roadway block but locals said if you use as worthy road in Seneca road you can get around that closure unclear if crews have made enough progress to reopen that roadway Hopefully it's moving once again How to Chevy Chase last night Brookfield wrote out near Taylor street also had been blocked a tree brought down wires as well All right you're gonna find the bell weighs a little bit heavy now passing George avenue on the outer loop There's some activity near Connecticut avenue over on the right shoulder from an earlier crash The earlier broken down vehicle had been on the inner loop of the beltway near the BW Parkway That was off onto the right shoulder Now you will find an early slowdown in Virginia main line 95 going north out of Dale City headed into woodbridge sounds like Vita just cleared the crash that was before one 23 It had been over on the far right shoulder Rest of the trip going into Springfield without delay The WTO traffic centers presented by window nation by two windows get too free Visit window nation dot com today Jack Taylor WTO P traffic Let's check out the forecast here with Mike stina Filtered into the region overnight And we're going to see a great weather pattern for the next several days For today I'm going to show a cloud cover and sunshine cooler temperatures lower humidity.

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