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Is jack talk i wanna listen i want to be better i want to be the best i can be welcome to our team jack talk as you get older you get to be seventy eight years old here's what i find hair grows in places that it hadn't been before welcome to hashtag jack talk doit perry hugh you said he was a master psychologist and there there were there was greenie day that you wanted to talk about and then whitey schwartz day so i'll i'll let you do both of those don nulan here this weekend we talked we were here he was here four days and we talked about doit peri peri pier west virginia coach jerry yeah hall of famer talking about another hall of fame coach coach dwight perry and first of all there it was nothing as it was here at michigan he was he was never coached perry he was doing and here at michigan it was never coached sham boeckler it was bo and they had that same thing that they wanted to be on on on a level with with each other and presented it that way we had two things at bowling green if you did today i mean they would be unheard of and certainly would not be tolerated but we had greenie day so i on campus freshmen are separated from the varsity the varsity had been there for three weeks freshman commanders freshman team was like eighty guys that are trying out for the bowling green freshman team so dwight would say guys today we're gonna get our uniforms and all of you go in there and get them and it wasn't like they tried to help us only they had helmets it'll pile and jerseys in a pile and shoes in a pile and shoulder pads fits right and you just dived in and found it and so now he said why y'all look good in your uniforms let's go out and try them on make sure they fit and make sure you're so we went out and we're throwing a ball around thinking of ourselves as football players at bowling green and the varsity is up on the hill practicing and you could hear the pads thumping you could hear the coach's coaching and realized it soon that would be you and not realize and the varsity guys it'd be like hey freshman we had degree greenies hey greetings welcome to bowling green and we're thinking soon that'll be us we didn't realize how soon so about ten minutes before practice ended whistle blew granny greenies come on up and meet the varsity fellas so we all ran up the hill without it's going to be like a meet and greet when that he says you know what why don't we just have a little run a few plays here against the greenies you line up at middle guard you line up at the linebacker spots defensive ends elsa secondary and i think i was out there at safety or something and let's run a few plays will they ran those plays full speed they not thus the snotty s over tea cups i mean it was ugly but we had a gun our team and i think it was chuck ramsey he had heard about greedy day and he realized how he could make himself known to the coaches were his reputation was spread that he was on the fast track to play a lot of football so what he did we had a guy tim murnian tim is living down in savannah ohio doit calling the toughest player to ever play at bowling green and he was tough linebacker and a guard so he's a guard he comes up whom so chuck on the second play punches tim myrna it right in the nose boom and the blood comes running all over his face and then he figures what's going to happen is john what are you doing and grab and they would grab tim and these guys it'd be trying to get each other and and they're gonna look around and see this guy is in tow it up break it all work yeah well it didn't work that way with perry the psychologists he goes oh my golly we got a little little fight going on here let's just form a little circle here around them and just see how this thing goes and chuck must've been more to going looked around oh my goodness so we're in a circle and tim murnian takes him everywhere way a man could be taken i made he grabbed him and.

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