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Okay. So now, the triple a, well, we got a little bit of the triple out their way. I think there's another triple eight game. I think some people would consider playing now in in in a bid not yet. But first, we must talk about the island itself, the island of twenty eighteen and what's this jeans island will be everybody will know that every year we choose like a place Roma game from this year's releases video games. Nice place that we would want to visit. And I year the inaugural year, we chose the world of I think it's ails from final. Nancy fifty this year. I was thinking about the nice places you could go. And of course, the audio will seem to really nice, you know, the the west, but you have all those beds and animals that kind of. Hurt you snakes and all that kind of stuff. I don't really want to deal with that too much thought about some of the places like the ship from the Ober din, which we will most definitely get to in a little bit. But then I found about like I think that looking at that would give me a headache for a long time. And then we'll many other places I tried to think about one from an upcoming game on this list. But then I fought about the environment and the the animals within that would be too dangerous to go that you'll know what I mean when we get to it. But what I did remember, and this is kind of cheating a little bit because it's not specifically a region that was created this year. It's been around for twenty years. We all know it very very well. But this year it got a facelift it go completely remade in hasty and looks gorgeous. And I loved my time in it. And that is the region of from Pokomo. Let's go Pika chew Pok Mon. Let's go. It's the original poke on world, the awhile Dury original region, which is of course, based on the Kanto region of Japan, which is where Tokyo is. And it's gorgeous. If anyone's played that game and has the nostalgia of the older games. Red blue and yellow, you instantly, recognize a lot of the places but seeing pallet town and seeing like. Veridian city and all these other places in Hades hasty in beautiful vibrant colors for the first time was delightful. I go such a nostalgia hit when I stepped out of my house and mum said goodbye. And we walked into pal Tom for the first time. It was it was amazing. It was really really good. So I would definitely choose the region of canto. In the most recent episode of final games. We we spoke with Greg who created one song? And he also chose the Sinoe region of. Pokemon, and we discussed whether we could have poke him on actually, and we never fully answered whether you know, because I say that one of the rules is that animals wildlife would be that. Pokemon to sentient up. Oh, come on too small to be considered just animals. I don't know. But because this is me because this is my choice. I'm going to say that the Pokomo will be that because I want to see them. So if we're going to go, even though it might be a little dangerous of the polka. What we run into? I would like all the Pokemon to be that. So Greg, I apologize. If you're listening to this. I didn't let you have the Pokomo back then. But now we can have the because I'm going. I'm the dungeon masters of this show. So we're gonna go to canto we're going to see some poke among the eyelid twenty eighteen and his to and the next game. We're gonna take alongside red dead redemption. To to the island of canto is the wonderful beautiful game..

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