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Buffalo. Sabres radio network. Korea. No, he is here we go. Buffalo shorthanded. Remaining in the penalty. Michael flames trying to work it out of their own NGO is chased back into the corner cleared it around on the other side. By linda. Gets it to draw the Lindahl macoutes through center and comes in over the buffalo line doesn't get the shot away stand. Della slows them down. Goes. Yeah. It's kept in there by Calgary. That's squeezed around on the quantity, Lindo fiery back in the other direction up back the net. Lindholm again looking man hangs onto the puck twenty seconds left in the penalty day right beside the net book back in along the boards again. I work at the end of the corner Calgary trying to set up the shots stolen away. Fire down the ice and metal just about do it for penalty. Also sabres the chance to make a full scale line change now steps back out there. Thanked up on the wing and around behind the buffalo leftback. There by Hutton battle for it in the corner. Sabres icicles gets it away and around the bowl you chips and high in the air that went to center ice. It's taken back by Haneffant. Fun guy together head brought in over the line. But Bennett Bennett tried to drop it in front of the net that sell their long enough for a face. Racers brought to you by J workers compensation and personal injury attorneys working hard for hardworking western New Yorker Caucasus coach Steve Smith between not real happy with this way. His team is said we're not playing physical enough. We're not moving the puck enough or quick enough. When we do the biggest problem is we're watching the game. We're not playing it. I thought they were doing okay. Back then appointed comes broken stick lying on the ice. Log shop a skate and tip just wide of the buffalo. Dan, they took it back into the corner. So battling forward behind the net. He knocked at free, but the flames get it back again to the blue light. Down low jammed in behind the net took a hit and taken away and buffalo will recover now. And give it a true center down the ice. Backhand pass passes stolen away by Calgary again and brought to center then flipped on into the corner. Putting comes out to jam it around the glass got out. Calgary keeping it in there. Around behind the goal tossed in the other direction by Neil. Back into the corner. Again, regicide Hutton tried to go out after he got hit. And he lost his hat. And a collision. Immediately is does that happens across the official blows the whistle. Yeah. Careful here in this third. Very they can't play the whole period down low rate here. Doreen folks the puck away. Bucks gonna come to the front. Hathaway's the guy that's gonna go driving for the FOX right over top hunt knocked the Taliban. Gotta be careful here playing with fire a little bit. Did you think you can get all through this and not give up? Good scoring opportunities for the guys are playing on the offense start making that task getting out of your dole. Get some way down the ice tried to reverse the role to start working down low. The offensive zone. And his Marty said get the box on this goaltender. In the air that goes all the way down to the Calgary end. But buffalo winning the race. There's no way cygnus gilson's got their first back to the point launch shot just wide rows. Out on the wall. Give back behind the goal. It goes on the corner. Bergelin service body hidden there to try and knock it free and battles more affordable on the boards keeping it in momentarily. But now fired ahead back comes away the center ice finally steered in over the sabres line, but take it back again and gun behind the net. Ville around on the board. The shot rang shoving match going on in front of the net. Dollar after. Tumbled over again. Wow. I think at this point maybe the sabers should start giving their goaltender a little support here because he's done everything in his power. Keep the puck over the net tonight, and he's taking a beating. Well, he's doing. See everybody coming through that to come through to the net. Gets the shot charter hut. Mix the save and the defense for the Buffalo Sabres just a little bit a little bit nervous anticipating and not getting the pocket. The right time. Trying to do a little too much to slow the pace down. Just watch. What's going on? You got your man card is gonna make that first safe. And you do your job is clear in the park after their coverage. Behind the net. Del picked up and gunned around on the boards up to Senator picked up by a bozo. Oppo sends it in deep. He'll chase after it. Giordano getting good. I he got nailed by a postal but came out in front of the net. So get knocked it down didn't know where it was up also races after it again, the quoted Thompson. Get out in front picked off and brought away to center by the flames. In over the line comes Brody Brody goes why he takes a hit from us, and it's cranked around on the board. So the other side Calgary trying to keep it if they do it's hooked back in behind the buffalo goal. Make a save again. Long-shot went up leg before it got there. And this time it does end up at center ice. Putting on the pressure? Once again brought back in by Giordano took a hit from oppose. Oh, darlene. Bothered in the corner. Sherry tried to dig it free. Sherry goes after it again. Record away at within Lindholm. Now, it's kicked around on the board Sherry reaches for it. Can't get out of there. Still lacking added along the boards pilot in the north broke it up, but not owed another shot goes wide of the buffalo debt cleared back into the corner. Again, just around on the wall, but in trying to reach for it that slides to the boards held in their by Calgary. The flames are giving it to buffalo del possession. And finally, it's tipped on to center ice and the sabers tied back with a cross ice pass that goes to middle Stati fan shut after it. Again, he controlled it to knock it into the corner for Ryan hearts. Behind the net and picked up by Hannaford Hannifin. Got it on the Senate sabres. Steely get back away comes buffalo again over the lie. Tried to get free in the corner was middle stat. He got knocked off the puck. He heads to the bench, and it's picked up and fired. All the way down the you said they sit here against the Calgary. Flames. Route. There's one way Mr. Steve Smith right there just seeing the coach for the Buffalo Sabres. He should know exactly. What the coaches speaking for the other teams because he worked with Bill Peters in Carolina. And they do partners coaching the Carolina Hurricanes. So all the little Bill Peters. Go Steve fish should know who is advantage here. Lateness game. The way here. A little too early. Dropping of the puck. And that means that Skinner is going to be waived Eichel will come in. Slides in front of the net claims getting it back kept around doors, a Chuck to the blue line, not a hook. I that that'll bouts to center ice taken back again by common. Ville tapped into the corner. I call hustling in after it. Kicks out of the law boards. Palm Advil comes over to try and spirit free knocked free. But it came off a leg and Calgary clearing it up on the wing to center ice to Chuck Chuck got the Neil Back to haven took his shot in the play. It goes. These three young men in the crowd here tonight. Take a look at. Are all part of the old three AM Hirsch. Hurt minor triple eighteen, and if they don't get their act together, we're going to have problems. Because I'm one of the helping coaches. Put an awful lot of pressure on us. For bring him here tonight to try to learn how to play the game. Fuck is along the boards is picked up by the savers dumped ahead, but not out Calgary keeping it in again. Now, it comes out the center ice and try to chase after it. Whereas you get bumped up the play. Goes on to Senator picked up by Monaghan guides. It across is brought through the buffalo line and over the leg. Drove going after it taken away. Backdrop the boards to center ice to forgive goods. Agree getting it back again Lindholm. He fires through the middle. That's brought in Monaghan. Got it in front in widened goes to the corner. Another wacko is kept in by the flames back at the point comes to Brody with a shot that one just Mr Hariri in the corner recovered by buffalo and knocked away the center, and then fired in over the line by Goodson that signals a change for both teams brought down the ice again ruled out into the corridor shift around on the boards Nado pack back along the boards. Once again, flip free Thompson trying to get away at Senator got it up by for so Boca. British goaltender scoots around behind the net. Got it up on the wing, and that'll go all the way down the east. But it deflected noisy back as the golden sending it through the middle in a way goes again. So look over the line tried to work at the top Sydney. Walkout it failed to connect. Now cleared around. Almoner? It's gonna be a penalty here. The referee is willing to whistle. Ten times. Well, once will suffice in order to call the referee call the penalty and indeed that shell happened now with twelve thirty eight. The third one nothing. Buffalo lee. Radio network. Brought to you by the balls view casino resort. Niagara Falls heroin makes promises..

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