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But subs came on tim way. I thought came on and looked really good. I thought way was good. Looked shy. We definitely did fast beyond just decisive direct So know there was like if if people. I don't know like it's this fan. Base is funny. If people wanna find stuff to be disappointed in or negative about you'll find it but also why be like that like they won and played well like just wipe. But also i mean. This isn't negatively. This is just facts. I know. I know there's no there's no we've seen the real leaning into negativity. We know what that looks like. I don't know if i have much more on this. I'm sure you have. Oh come on. Don't stop baby. I got plenty more We don't ever say that i have to. I'm gonna say it in every podcast from me. Baby is can't Can't deal with that. Relax baby Also we haven't talked about weston mckennie. Gone back into the starting eleven. I said last week. That i was not only a proponent of being back in the squad but going right back into the starting left no problem with it whatsoever. Happy they did it. Let's all move on. You know and let and allow this guy to reprove himself. And i thought he he was he i. I wouldn't say he left an indelible mark on this game but he was fine and that's fine. I'm more concerned about The weekend last weekend where. His name was trending on twitter. You've fans were blasting him so hard. Yeah saw that. And i was thinking about that tonight. Kind of wondering if he's like how aware he is. And how mode if there's extra motivation in him right now from what happened last month with the. Us and for how things are going with you. If he feels you know extra motivated to try to like get people off his back to play. Well kinda looked like that tonight. Certainly he seemed like he had the bit between his teeth Someone tweeted if you give credit the previous you've manager for for for kiiza then you gotta give them criticism for mckanie and i was like. Oh that's that's not a nice comparison. I don't know i thought he. I thought he was fine tonight. So i don't have anything i did. I did not see him against torino. Bought i just heard reports. Though i mean i saw some of the highlights of that game i saw he you know. He had a goal going attempt that he skied over the bar. Yes it was a poor. So yeah i saw some that. I heard you know certainly heard that But i'm not gonna go. I'm not going to go searching for reasons to knock his performance. I thought he was fine. Okay so no no issues. Glad that he's back in the squad and he's he's a certain positive to have In the side so totally good with it and happy to move on from that chapter and hope that it doesn't have to be revisited In terms of the defense. There's not really a whole lot to judge. I thought i liked it. The i thought zimmerman and robinson partnered well together. That was the partnership that we didn't really get to see all of the gold cup. They were reunited. Tonight and i find they. They covered each other well. I was surprised. I was surprised. That jamaica didn't go more like get nicholson one. V won't against zimmerman and drive longer more that they weren't more direct. Were only able to string passes together so i thought why not knock into channels are knock it up because zimmerman generally i know. I don't think he he does that. Well against physicality personally but it would have been interesting to see if jamaica don that but they really didn't have enough of the boulter to trouble. That defense i thought robinson was excellent. Antony robinson yeah miles robinson to. He's so comfortable on the ball. Which i like a lot and i thought digest looked himself. Look more natural in that right back position. One other guy who we should mention yunus mussa Played a role in the build. Up of the first goal. Did well tonight. I was really pleased with him. Second half like many players in that second half he really turned it on After that goal had a nice moment dribbling into the box almost was it. Almost a penalty he earned. I'm trying to remember exactly how that finished. But i think he had a shot as well e burst into the box. Yeah toward the goal. I after the first goal and had a shot to keep her saved at the near post. That's right into the side-netting can't quite remember. But he had it. Andrew comfortable on the ball can receive on the half. Turn without getting clattered. Drives into space. Ball pulled progressions. I'd love to see this bald progression tonight where he carried it from one area into into a more attacking area. It's again a player who needs to really really push on and established himself fully at its top site. Yeah and and to revisit something that you had just said there. In terms of the way you know the fullbacks who was assigned. What position. And all that i do think in general i like the way they were set up tonight like i like what tyler adams role was as kind of the deeper lying midfielder. It's the role that he's best suited for. I like mckinney and mussa being a little bit more further up The three the three in the front four in the back of to me this. This is kinda what makes sense. I know different. Opponents will cause you to play different ways like all things being equal. this is sort of the formation that. I would prefer this team plan. I it just it works for me. Yeah i do i to thank all things being equal. Maybe on the occasional way trip to somewhere difficulty may not want to play that boss. I i do think. This is the formation that greg's himself andrew and I should say that mussa started the last. Two games i think for for the for valencia. So maybe Maybe me saying he needs to establish himself. Fully is a bit on fair but i think people know what i mean though like really push on the right. I what you're saying.

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