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I think I know what I have but I really don't know what I have until we do you go on you know yeah I kick off and there is that open ended miss to it all in there was a mixed bag some good some bad some troubling some concerning but in the end check the defense held UCLA two hundred fourteen points her are two hundred eighteen yards what to order FOR D. boards it was to really big plays for UCLA that did all the damage does Ritter was eighteen of twenty six for two hundred and forty two yards threw two touchdowns Michael Warren hundred nineteen total yards of offense he did it on the ground with a touchdown he did it through the air catching for a touchdown to side to quarrel who's going to play in the NFL next year for catchers fifty three yards and a touchdown there were some opportunities missed your fellow perhaps they should have been up by more I want to say was ten three bear cats and a half felt like it could have been you know twenty twenty twenty one more than that at the half but it wasn't missed some opportunities turned the ball over and yet they get away and they get something on tape they get something for the coaching staff to point to and then get ready because they get the Buckeyes a week from this Saturday the bangles wrapped up the preseason tonight thankfully it is over they fall to the colts thirteen to six Jake Dolla Dolla the the undrafted quarterback out of central Connecticut state six foot seven he played the entire game a quarterback now that Kate can sling the pig skin a little bit twenty five or thirty nine tonight two hundred thirty nine yards in the pre season he completed sixty nine percent of his passes let's see they had a chance with about four minutes to go the pull within what it looked like and we're gonna go for two maybe in the weight and then a review uncovered OPI often to pass interference on nation trek wiped out the touchdown so on fourth and goal at the one the Bengals went for quitting flyers was stopped at the three seventy mark and that was your ball game the bad news tonight Rodney Anderson the running back six round pick out of Oklahoma left with a knee injury that's bad news because he tore his ACL last year and Oklahoma then tell Brian had nine catches tonight to lead the bangles thirty five thousand to forty seven thirty five thousand to forty seven at the Bengals game tonight thirty eight thousand thirty two at the Bearcats game tonight and I think there were like nine hundred and twelve with the Marlins Reds game in Miami tonight actually I think announced the tenets was slightly over six thousand so those are the two a games tonight outside of the Reds the raids go extra ratings it was the ARE urged our STDs Aquino show for most of the game carried them early get the big hit late to tie the game they went extra innings and then it is it is starting to say this right Selleck Lacey is lost his temper game of the season so we'll discuss all three and see where it takes us as we continue to eleven twenty five the Kelsey Chevrolet extra reading show on seven hundred WLW let's say you went to Turkey for some months Tennessee for.

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