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This is the pony express gears andrew phillip pony no matter what happens football is at least my life have repaired a lot of relationships that needed work repaired a lot of myself that needed a lot of work i'm able to run back on the field something i didn't know if i'd ever get a chance to do again so it's disappointing and some of the things that happened but nevertheless this is a huge step for me i got put pads back on a lot of people were just even wrote me off even get to this point you know i'm definitely emotional about i'm happy about it this isn't the end goal for me but you know i'm having fun again smile on my face you know i'll i'll be pissed off and go back and watch the film tonight but at least i know we come back out here and four days again and we play again johnny manziel after his spring league debut hey i didn't know there was a spring league and be i didn't know menzel was playing in it until waking up this morning and seeing the stories on twitter and nfl dot com i think man zell who only through four eighty two yards was sacked three times did have a touchdown pass in the first half he's got one more game as you heard him say there i think that man zell will play in the nfl again and when i say that what i mean is in the loosest definition or by the loosest definition of what playing in the nfl means which is going to training camp having an nfl team take a shot on him i think all of those things will happen there will be someone out there there were twenty one nfl teams who attended this game or excuse me seventeen seventeen teams one of them we'll take a flyer on him and here's why i think he deserves it and this is also why i think he'll get it he is he is admittedly said that everything he did on cleveland everything he didn't cleveland which wasn't much but for his brief career with the browns he didn't do any of the things that were necessary to be good at his job.

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