Ivanka Trump, House Oversight Committee, President Trump discussed on Howie Carr


I'm Daria Albinger is president. Trump still planning to shut down the border has Trump of years Duby backing away from his firm threat to close the US southern border this week. I haven't made that intention known. And I'm ready to close after close it last Friday. The president said his shutdown threat hinged on Mexico immediately stopping all illegal immigration coming into the US today. He claimed without providing evidence that Mexico has responded Mexico, as you know, as of yesterday has been starting to apprehend a lot of people at their southern border. Karen Travers ABC news, the White House oversight committee moving forward with its investigation into White House security clearances after someone blew the whistle. The vote along party line vote. We have twenty two as and fifteen knows the house oversight committee authorized, a subpoena for former White House personnel security director Karl CLYDE the vote is part of the democratic led probe into the Trump administration security clearance process among the. Primary targets of the investigation are the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump and his son in law, Jared Kushner this week a whistle blower revealed that the White House allegedly overruled dozens of denied security clearance, applications Mona Kosar. Aldi ABC news Capitol Hill clock's ticking on Brexit is dragging the country down frustration intentions, arising passions, running high on all sides, the Kyant, but we can and must find the compromises that will deliver what the British people voted for Tom rivers. ABC news London. Prime Minister Theresa may want to deal approved by may twenty second. The LAPD says rapper nipsy hustles killer is under arrest. Police have been circulating twenty nine year old Eric holder's picture everywhere and called for his surrender stocks closed mixed. The Dow down seventy nine points. You're listening to ABC news. I'm John Simmons manager of agriculture for Tabasco brand pepper.

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