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It. Lebron pinning block shot from andre iguodala on the glass. That's the new logo for ten years. This was a nice block by honest. This come down a little bit. All right lose myself. Stopping heard lie. That was that was a great. That was a great two hours of television. Cleveland's first champion cleveland first championship. You're taking down the greatest regular season team of all time. It's game seven. I mean yeah you couldn't draw it up. Hollywood couldn't drop. You wouldn't believe it. Well it reminds me a little bit. Not as much but that the seattle seahawk new england patriots super bowl which came down to a play was just insane is just like all season and it comes down to a singular play between two incredibly even teams. And you're like you know. That was one of those years where i grew up in seattle. The seahawks lived in connecticut. Ten years loved the patriots. I said before. I didn't care who i just wanna see. Russel wilson brady play. Well i want go good clean game and you get to these moment. Sometimes you think to yourself. By the way. I never felt new. England was significantly better than seattle. I thought they were just teams. I really did it. If they've played five times three to somebody would win. And i felt the same here with golden state. Tha game of inches that game of inches. You know i was thinking about this. That one of the reasons. I like the sons and this is one of the reasons during a bowl season college football bowl season. I bet. sec teams. They play pretty much each other. There's occasional how to conference games. They play each other. But when a big. Tanner a big twelve team has to play an sec team in the speed and the physicality of it. It's like who it's shocking. The west is so much better than the east. The western team. I'm picking over the eastern team. Because they have home court the better coach healthier more arrested to say it out loud. The west is better than the east. It's not really been close for twenty five years. I mean think about this if the bucks lose the finals like in five games even if there were swept it would be them in brooklyn favored to win it again next year. If the sun's win the finals in four or five. They won't be favored next year. They won't because the clippers took him six without kawhi. The lakers took him sex with no ad and lebron one hundred percent. Golden state's got two great draft picks. Klay comes back and steph. Curry looked like an mvp last year. They're gonna make a big move and they got a lot of trading pieces. Andrew wiggins james wiseman luca could get a star in the west is just so much better than the east. I mean just take these two teams phoenix is not even peaking. I mean there are. Players are all getting better just in terms of young talent. It's not even close in these two leagues booker's twenty four mikhail bridges twenty four de'andre eight twenty two cam johnson's twenty-five they're all getting better. Like the bucks are old miana. Says they're only young star and this is eighth year in the league and he's a flawed player. They don't have another young star on the roster. This is as good as they're going to be in. That's one of the reasons. It's so weird that they're not as good situationally as phoenix because phoenix young phoenix should not be this. Good situationally chris. Paul solves that. Milwaukee should be great situationally. Their free throws kill him. I mean just to give an example between the west and the east even the the bad teams in the west. The pelicans have a superstar zion that if he was on the market today twenty teams will go after them. Twenty eight would go after him. That's that's one of the bad teams in the east. You can make the playoffs without really an elite player. The next you can get to the finals without an all-star atlanta in fact i would say atlanta is the only rising team in the entire eastern conference. I think miami the celtics the raptors in the sixers their arguments to be made. They need to be blown up. They need to make a massive move to even get in the discussion. I mean listen. Jalen brown jason. Tatum are not winning a title together. They're not like you gotta make a big move of jaylen brown. Now jason tatum and dame that feels like a finals team jason tatum. Jalen brown like a good team. So miami right now jimmy butler is a great to. He had the lowest field. Goal percentage of anybody in the play offs. Probably need another star dame and jimmy butler with bam. That's pretty interesting. But you know one of the reasons. I like phoenix's. It's the same reason i bet on. Sec football teams in the bowl season. You know phoenix out here. Grinding against the west milwaukee to them doesn't make the adjustments they don't have the depth their star player. One of the things i said yesterday is if you just think about the last. Two minutes of this finals of every game phoenix the best free throw shooting team in the world. Milwaukee's best player can't shoot. Free throws chris paul booker in the andre eight and did not miss a free throw last night like that. If all things taken out forget officiating forget coaching. If i told you man one of the teams in the finals don't trust him at the free throw line late. The other ones the best in the world who would you take or they also have the best coach. Homecourt advantage healthier more rested momentum. Now seriously all right tom. Chambers former great for the phoenix suns joins us next be short a catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine. Am pacific on fox. Sports radio affects one and the iheartradio app. What's up everyone. It's meet three times. 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