SCO, Jackie Erie, Schumer discussed on Morning Meeting


Overseas profits coming back and his zero tax rate that's unbelievable he even the corporations in in the us the going from thirty five percent to twenty percent which is a talk twenty one percent but cut till falling corporations and the people who move their jobs off season those prop up the coming in at a zero tax rate it's unbelievable it's a missed opportunity not only that but if we even put a modest tax of ten fifteen twenty percent on those repatriated profits would have enough to do a trillion dollar infrastructure bill that would rebuild every road and bridge and railway station in america it would be a good enough and we wouldn't have to tax our our own people to to cover the cost so it like a hair it's a sad and missed opportunity to this bill is coming out the way it is all alright congress see than lynch i really appreciate your time today and look forward to hearing from u of course as this as the sco's on echo it happened do that thank you thanks thank you trauma jackie erie there kupa by now all right let's get a quick break what i'm the breaking news was on morose of which i have no idea how impactful that is but also impactful great but also schumer is going to be speaking soon so we will hit a quick break we'll come back hopefully be able to grab minority leader weighing in on this election chuck at island in the atlantic to rattlesnake guy lead the club in boston herald radio he's there this win are making your mission to get up to ragged mountain resort in.

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