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Checkout. Right guys take care and be legendary Okay so that's the first. That's the first category then. There are two categories that they're all about having too many seldom a sort of about talk of one kind or another one of those categories is concert in other words. Having south of the bad in the fact they divide uncontrollably when the not surprised and they take out that and the of course there are many different ways that people have thought about to address cancer. Cancer therapy had exploited in the past ten years which is much more recently than When i i think that when i started thinking about this the only approach that i thought was sufficiently generic for cancer was to address telomere mentioning the end of the chromosomes which are which showed with division and cancers invent bass by typically by turning on a gene called telomerase So i'm about trying to stop that from happening. There are various ways to do that is actually been massive progress in that area recently with the development of drug that essentially turned to lama right into a suicide gene so basically when fell. The dilemma is and give the body destroyed by self jeff keylogger once which is much better than the version put forward into them to. Do you selectively do that. The point is the selection is done by the cancer cell itself. the concerts are has turned onto. Raise expecting it at a high level so it sounds expressing too long record not affected by the drug but expecting to lumber. Is they incorporate this drug into that dna and that goes into it are the only cells that are expressing salama. Race cancer cells. I didn't think i thought about that. Many cells clinton now so the stem cells of rapidly renewing tissues like the blood and the lining of the gods. They do express them right but only really trace level far far lower than what kinds of. So there's plenty of therapeutic window in terms of duration to be able to kill off the county with well without having a bad if a significant effect on stem cell population and is that universal cancer. All cancer types express televising nearly a great question quite About ninety percent of concert Mentioned let's hear giving that method the other ten percents you. The method called port which sounds alternative lengthening of telomeres and all still really very poorly understood. I'm afraid Though actually there's been massive progress over the past two years we met class But yes we definitely to to those kinds of as well and in fact one of the main weaknesses of my original anti too long ride. Anti-taylor approach was that if a cancer would expecting lows alumnis and you stop them from doing so it would switch to oils. The great thing about this new drug is that the country have time to do that. The cells digest quickly. So the other way which you can have too many bad cells busy so not bad by virtue of dividing too much but the some other way. So they get into a state where they Perhaps they're still doing what they're supposed to do. Or maybe some of what to do with are also doing bad star and the most well known. Category of this subcategory within this category is sells local. Senescence out the cells that get into a very characteristic state where they secrete nasty chemicals that about the cells around them in fact they have some of those chemicals on genyk they can actually promote cancer in neighboring south but there are other ways in which these cells can be bad so we. Let's get rid of that cell now again. This is an area where there's been great progress in the in. The last twenty originally might view. Was that the only way we're going to get rid of these south with by essentially a a massive also do suicide gene. So essentially introducing a An engineer jane virus which in therapy into the excel that would cause them to die without the other things they were doing already. And that's still a perfectly reasonable approach and it's being pursued by at least one company in this space but the remarkable thing that we've discovered less than ten years ago now. Is that in fact. We may very well be able to do this with years ago. The maybe small molecule drugs that can actually get in and selectively kill off the nothing's essence out and there's a bunch of companies at least dozen companies during that right now so that's all good news all right so that's three things so far really cell number. There was having too few cells and with to having too many cells about talk now. Things are all at the molecular level and took them inside cell to outside to the inside i i. One of these is martikan. Conroe mutation so magical andrea are across the Machine within the cell. That does the chemistry of breathing it you know. They combine oxygen with nutrients as a way of extracting energy from the nutrient and mike andrea have their own dna. The only part of the dog outside of the chromosomes in the nucleus and You know that day. Essential the only thirteen protein cut in it but the proteins Absolutely required components of machinery that mex-mexico andrea and sure enough. That diana gets me in fact had really far as compared to the dna nucleus. Really bad place for dna to be it's You know basically the process of extracting energy from nutrients with oxygen chemically. Very harry elaborate thing that has lockwood up in particularly as reactive chocolate bar. Free radical which damage. Dna seems to be bachelor from. We'd like to fix it but unfortunately fixing it. Could it turns out that. The even though where i mean you think when not very good at gene therapy you know like getting immune jane into into the nuclear dna. We have no way to do anything. In the mighty. Dna the factors. That don't get their. You know it's not going to happen not for a very long time and we need a radical this coverage possible but we can me up what we can do. We can put back up copies of that might conrail. Dna into the nucleus into the nuclear night with.

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