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In WCBS traffic. Sponsored by the extra Jen temporal scanner thermometer, cold and flu season is around the corner and people with conditions like heart disease, asthma and cancer are especially at risk USA thermometer that you and your family can trust the Exegen temporal scanner. Its accuracy is backed by more than seventy clinical studies. And it's the leading thermometer used in hospitals. Now Bob Larson has the forecast clouds at a little sunshine this afternoon. Well, the chilly side but not nearly as windy as yesterday. I thirty nine to forty three mostly cloudy tonight Cup of the rain showers late tonight in general little or no accumulation, low thirty two three five still could be a spotty rain or snow shower early tomorrow, then clouds giving way to partial sun breezy tomorrow afternoon dot as chilly, high forty seven. Sunshine and patchy clouds Friday, high again, forty-seven turn cloudy Friday evening, and some rain is likely later Friday night, low thirty nine cloudy, breezy, Saturday with periods of rain, high forty six becoming mostly sunny on Sunday, high forty eight increasing quantities Monday, high forty four it's thirty nine at Newark, liberty airport thirty six in White Plains and thirty-seven with fair skies in midtown Manhattan. The winds Windsor, calm WCBS news time, twelve twenty. Amidst. The tragic news of twenty one dead in a Russian building collapsed. There are amazing stories of survival more now from CBS news. Correspondent Barry Petersen. Cheerful. Cheerful. Rescuers show. Then cradled in their arms ten month old baby alone. After being buried thirty five hours in temperatures that dipped to four below zero. After a quick injection the race for life begins. Let's go. Let's go the yell from wrong washing him to a local hospital. He was transferred to a hospital in Moscow. The rescue came after a portion of this building collapsed from an explosion blamed on a natural gas leak Magnitogorsk is a major steel producing city a city now sat. Color dodge. She says a young woman now.

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