Eisenhower, President Trump, Harry Truman discussed on The John Batchelor Show


Days of the truman administration december fifty two he presidency is going to pass the eisenhower within weeks that's right and what we found is that there was up seemed to be some confusion there was one one one post even they came out there seemed to be for clemency and the other came out seemingly come out for for for the execution and none of this really there's no evidence that either president truman or even president eisenhower during the transition period may have even seen this or had been influenced by it but so there was some confusion on it but no evidence that actually made it to to to either there is there is however strong indication that harry truman had other sources of information about the spiring in general not just about the rosenbergs and that was the vanoni transcripts what's that lee and why did they not talk about it at the time well before runner to the national security agency the army ran signals intelligence operations against against the soviet union really starting about about the end of world war two and so vanilla was a secret top secret project in which they wiretapped transmissions from the soviet union and the united states and they were able to determine they were actually able to break the code and tap into our soviet communication with the.

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