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You've heard about in, maybe have experienced the long lines at early voting sites in Northern Virginia do toothy pandemic. This is the first year voters can vote absentee by mail or in person without an excuse. And when you look at the total of in person and mail and valets received The numbers are big. We are seeing massive turnout. Richard teaches deputy director of elections in Loudon County, were almost 3% of registered voters have shown up to vote speaking about last week's numbers, typically the or busiest day of in person. Absentee voting was the Saturday before the election, and we basically met or beaten that every single day in Fairfax County Director of Elections Gary Scott says they didn't expect the big turnout this early. With 2% of voters already showing up. We're adjusting to our people have been very pleasant in accepting in Alexandria. 5% of voters of cast ballots. It's 12% for the city of Fairfax in Falls Church has the highest percentage for turnout with 17% of voters casting ballots. Mike Murillo w T o P News it was supposed to be this summer. But because of covert 19 ban on certain fast food containers has been delayed until this week. Your takeout food containers may look a little different this coming month starting on October 1st polystyrene foam known under the trade mark named Styrofoam is banned from being used. For food containers. The original date for the band to begin was set for July 1st, according to the bell, But the Maryland Department of Environment said in order that the deadline was extended until October 1st. The delay, they said, was to account for the impact the corona virus pandemic had on restaurants. The bill, which was passed by the Legislature in 2019 made Maryland the first state in the country to go phone free Valerie Bonked w T O P News that's no Restaurant association is now training restaurant and hospitality workers on how to de escalate. Late conflicts with customers. The online videos demonstrate how to handle several scenarios, including customers who don't want to wear face masks or a fight that can break up between two patrons. The videos also show how to handle a person who might film a confrontation on their phone. The guidance comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Strategies. To limit violence towards workers at the beginning of September. In it, the department recommended training's on how to deal with and prevent workplace violence, which were most likely to occur in shops and restaurants. Andrea Camryn w. T. O P News, Covad 19 has forced many changes in the ways we do business. The pandemic has led some restaurant owners to overhaul the way they paid their staff no more, tipping it for me. A full service Bernie's restaurant on Eighth Street Northeast Co owner Eric Wong says tipping is being replaced by a 30% surcharge on bills which will raise wages. We've actually changed our entire compensation structure for everybody, not just the servers, but also for the back of the House, Cook and Dishwashers as well. At the restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington CEO Kathy Hollinger says restaurant owners have had to change a lot since the start of the pandemic. What we're seeing is that they are doing anything and everything to think about what makes the most sense for their particular restaurant operation Dick Uliano w T O P News when it comes to leafy greens, air you overlooking one of the best ones out there. Most people think of spinach and kale. But U S News says arugula should be on your must eat list to while the leafy green with a distinctive, peppery flavor has an overall nutritional value that's generally lower than some of the other leafy vegetables..

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