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For splashdown. It happened. It's the first of what could be a manned mission to the space station this year. I seventy five reconstruction phase two has been delayed by weeks of harsh winter weather, but not now it gets underway tomorrow and some ramps may be close tonight. The project will involve rebuilding more than eight miles of I seventy five between Coolidge and thirteen mile. It's mostly through Troy and leave all traffic on the southbound side of the freeway with two lanes open in each direction that'll cause big backups. Starting Monday freeway pavement is expected to last twenty five to thirty years without major repairs, but the head of 'em dot Paul. Jeddah says this freeway as much older five that we going to be reconstructed was built in the sixties. That's almost sixty years old payment that you see out there. So we really stretch that service life almost Dublin what is expected of it on the Frank Beckmann show, the project will last nearly the rest of the year, the people get their chance to say goodbye to Ted Lindsay public visitation for. Ted Lindsay is going on at Little Caesars arena. It will continue through seven zero seven PM Red Wings are offering free parking for fans at the Henry west garage. That's one twenty eight west Fisher service drive and the Little Caesars arena garage at one sixty five Sproat street, that's near the Myers entrance on the southwest part of the arena. A suspect is in custody for shooting at a vehicle driven by a woman on I ninety four near Merriman last night. She called nine one one and said a driver fired a gun shot at her at missed, but she got the license plate and troopers quickly stopped that vehicle and made the arrest. President Trump visits Alabama today to get a firsthand look at the damage done by the fatal tornadoes. Sean Wilson says Lee county residents will move forward by helping each other our area is just a rural loving community. And I'm just counting on faith that it'll keep us show. We'll hold together, and we'll make it through recovery. Efforts are underway. But more storms may be on the horizon. Forecasters say more severe weather could be coming this weekend, including to central Alabama. I'm John Lawrence reporting company. Jared news time coming up on ten zero four. Here's Steve Courtney sports. Good morning once again, my friends finally the Red Wings get a win snapping yet game losing streak. They knock out the Rangers in a shootout. Three two last night. Andrea south in a you scoring in the third. He also had the only goal in the shootout. Now the Red Wings. We'll be in Tampa to face. The NHL Beth the lightning seven o'clock tomorrow night pistons in bowls will get together in the windy city. Eight o'clock tonight the pistons looking for just their second postseason berth since two thousand nine right now the Phillies. Well, we know they beat the Tigers three one yesterday afternoon. Jordan Zimmermann though, four innings of work to hits one run. He struck out six looks like he could be you're opening day starter. Meanwhile, the Tigers will be in Tampa at six thirty five the night to face the stanks, and it's white out time all what? A game. It's going to be number nine Michigan state number seven Michigan any slanting. We'll have it. Boy, our broadcast getting underway at seven tomorrow night. Steve Courtney w Jared sports, traffic and weather first on the fives up next..

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