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Because they want to hold onto it. Daniel, Snyder. They made it just like press Marshall they say okay. You want to move you moving into you. Put Black football team. Guess what he did is killed. Bobby. With I think bobby passed the way. Put It on the team. And all of a sudden they started getting black players now. They've already told him. You're not getting a new stadium until you may remember. They drafted Ernie Dave's. That was the first. George Press Marshall said Okay I give in. Nineteen sixty two. He's the last one last holdout for integration. Okay, I'll draft him Ernie Davis and he said no I will not play for you. Okay and so skip. I think the thing is with this but the. About Nike Nike's the fish out of the NFL you're looking at these big corporations killed. That's a hundred. That's potentially hundreds of millions of dollars now they pool. They're not going to be the only ones that pull out of this Yup. And so it's not it's. I don't think he's going to have much of a choice and I don't think the climate is any better than it's ever been for him to make that chain. Skip forget the climate. If the right thing to do whatever happened to doing the right thing, we're forget the crime. Forget the temperature of where we are in society, a deterrent time. What about doing the right thing to try to make it a habit this since I've been on the air with you I. Don't refer to that last name I'd say. Let's give I. don't even one person to tell me. Something is offensive I don't need fifty I. Don't need the whole, the whole popular demographic. If one person says you know what skip out of great I got a great relationship with a guy at CBS. He was camera three Frazier Meizu. To call them each euro because he was viewed Japanese his sister's path and. Each role in Japanese me, his born when it's supposed to the first born, he came to me, he says. If they shannon you'd say. Can you do me a favor? I said. WHAT'S THE ICHIRO? He's not reporting me. As each Roy Moore I, said sure, he said my sister passed, and she was the burden on. No Problem Frady pro-death point on. All he needed to do was tell me. I've in that all along now. Still got a great relationship. They told you they don't like it. I don't care what I don't care about nine I. don't care if it's ninety five percent says okay. That fire percents says No. Leave it alone. Okay. Everything you just said music to my ears I have been campaigning for years for this nicknamed. Go Away. I will be honest with you. Be completely transparent. I tried for a while in two thousand fourteen. Not to it. It gets during the football season virtually impossible when you're on a sports debate show to use that nickname because it's just the name of the when you say washing it doesn't. It doesn't even have the right ring? so forgive me for the job, but I have campaigned as have many others in the media to get rid of this nickname for I. Don't know how many years for me ten fifteen years. It was just wrong from the start, right. I think Dan Snyder newness heart-to-heart. It was wrong, but he grew up. Redskin fans, father, taking him games at old RFK stadium. And the sentimentality of the deep love that he has for the teen blinded him to to how that nickname does a thin some native American you're not not all. In yet we went through this big flurry of tension in twenty fourteen. Because there was a prospect, they were going to lose their trademark. You WanNa talk about getting hit in the pocket book. If they did not change the name and I. Don't know how Dan Snyder pull this off, but he issued a statement at that point. I will never, and he put it in all caps change. This name and apparently Dan Snyder has friends in high places. Nation's capital high. Because somehow that case against his trademark, somehow win away in the bowels of the. Of our judicial yeah I don't understand it, but it went away. During that time he would on a campaign to convince people there was nothing wrong with that nickname, and he did so by by basically doing a national tour of different reservations. Visiting with different tribal chiefs, he also gave four million dollars to native American causes. and. He had five of his ex players led by Chris Cooley we had him on the other show at ESPN, and they were just campaigning to try to enlighten people that most like a vast majority of native Americans were not offended by that nickname, and there was the most talked about poll of all came out in twenty, sixteen via the Washington Post highly credible at that point, website and newspaper. And it. It's surveyed five hundred four native Americans out of the five million native Americans. We have in our country now. A pretty good sample size again. I'm never quite sure about this, but five hundred four nine out of ten said we are not offended by the nickname. The NFL then conducted its own poll soon after that and found that it was actually. Respondents to the poll who were not offended, but the NFL found that the the those survey between ages of eighteen and twenty nine. We're strongly by seventy. One percent opposed so so. What we've seen in the recent proteome, the younger people like telling you. The younger white people are saying no more of this. We've seen enough of this. We're all with our black brothers and sisters..

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