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Guy who started a four by four hundred five foot for a buck. You know fifteen pounds probably back then soaking wet going up against six footers sometimes it. Oh and my job was really just to keep pace it. If y'all not for about four hundred is you run one lap in oh you pass the baton on other person they run the next lap so we all run mile but a lap apiece and you know she explained you know how like tracked. You gotta work so hard. Just especially the sprints. I didn't do sprints but spritzers even more. It means more to try to have to get a second of your time like you know trimming the second off of a mile time. It's cool you know if i go from five. Forty six to five forty five but you want to really go from like five forty six to five thirty six our tortoise he wanted to be treated like five ten seconds off at the time. You talking about long distance and whatnot but with spritz every little second counts yellow so you run into you know sprint in like five five seconds you can get it down four seconds you know. Yeah it makes a big difference. It makes all you know all the difference in the world. So when i hear you know say you work hard to get this the second off now. You know that you're going to be competing against change gender males. Which are you know. The males chromosomes. mel's there. you know like meltzer. Typically you know naturally physically stronger than women unless women really work out. You know what. I'm saying Extensively like the average male is always going to be more stronger physically than the average woman. You know it's just in our dna you know. Were like six packs you know. More men have six packs in more cut. You know what not as some. Like african tribes. Where like the the the automated born. Jack like cut digits all kuttan jack in dna at a while. So it's like now you got like men and women's sports like now. It's not even gonna be women's sports is going to be men and women's sports said you no matter what. Your view is on transgenders. The i mean. I'm not saying that i hate transgenders or if you'd asked me to approve of it no will ever prove it. No you know. Will i accept it. No do i hate transgenders. No 'cause a may not nothing. Meet me for me to hate him. But it doesn't mean i had to accept a view their lifestyle. You know what. I'm saying. Like i don't have to but so now. Women's sports is going to be women. Admit sports you're gonna have men's professional sports and you'll have women's and men's professional sports or women's and men's college sports combined because now.

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