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A Minneapolis things every single day it's a black and brown people in cities and towns more than forty people arrested here in the city protesters want charges filed against the four officers involved in the death of Floyd and how about this the there's a story here from MSNBC reporter alley Velshi was describing the scenes last night and here's what he said this was mostly a protest not generally unruly not only yeah he said that as a there were buildings burning behind him not only zero test as a her yeah a little bit made of Lazio says construction to curbside pickup retail is going to be part of the phase one of the re opening of the city he's telling businesses not to open before the city is ready is idiotic to try and open a business today that will be legally allowed to open in as little as a week or two yeah the mayor didn't offer any specific date by the way for reopening but he has said it's expected sometime in the first half of June business is in New York now refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask governor Cuomo signed an executive order mandating that yesterday he says it's not OK to not wear a mask governor Murphy expected to live more restrictions today in New Jersey and more in the coming days still he says it's going to involve youth sports and outdoor dining he's increasingly move to reopen the state in recent days that include curbside pickup retail pro sports resuming practices outdoor graduation ceremonies and there has been a slight pick up in cases in New Jersey as well but he is still going forward with that owner of a Staten Island tanning salon to final all right well just tells us well that's a first that we've lost Joe's fida in a disappeared person attending slug I kind of like in the the things having someone guide I was the guy in New Jersey who claimed he was going to open up the tanning salon again and then finally closed it down all right I think Joe's back you want to give another Jack bekerja no he's not he's not back what is my son he he called the tanning salon guy the Rosa Parks of the tanning salon movement right you want to open up and then when they realized I was going on let me see what's doing on the stock market because that's something.

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