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Good Morning Scorpio. Today is Wednesday November twentieth two thousand Nineteen Mercury Stations Direct at eleven degrees Scorpio. Don't be afraid to break away from trusted allies. Finding your true purpose this can sometimes mean going it alone. This is Scorpio today. Apar- cast original. Let's begin your day as a tractor. Venus aligns with unbridled heiress. You'll want to throw off the shackles. Shackles of the status quo embracing the new and daring. May Be just the thing you need to accomplish your goals but watch out before you become the office maverick. Make sure there's a method to your madness taking a moment to strategize could make all the difference Now take a moment to reflect on your relationships consider befriending someone outside your direct correct circle. Today they may have information that surprisingly useful. If you're feeling shy ask a virgo to make the introduction. This new friend could give you the push you need to make an overdue change. Contemplate your path to personal oh growth now that communicator. Mercury is wrapping up its retrograde cycle. You'll breathe a sigh of relief. Crossed signals else took quite a toll on your social life but the good news is that you know yourself better. Now bring along this new self-awareness yes to all of your relationships. Those around you will be glad you did.

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