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Talked about this with Allen read the guy who plays Fred Flintstone for years and years and years that when you see Ellen read into movie, or when I would see him in a movie it was jarring because you were watching Fred Flintstone voice come out of a human being instead of cartoon caveman. So there was a while when I was a kid while he Cox was a regular on Hollywood squares. And those were in the days when I was watching underdog regularly when I was four. Yeah. So whenever they would call Wally Cox. It was hard for me to figure out how underdogs I understood it. He was an actor doing the voice, but it always just seems strange to see a human being talking. Yes. It was under voice because he didn't change. He didn't change his voice, even when he was under dog, his voice and very unique voice. So. Yeah. Great voice, very expressive voice. But it's strange they go while it Cox to block and Peter Marshall asthma question. Underdogs voice coming out of this guy that possible I wonder if he and his roommates ever did scenes to. Yeah. He would run underdog scripts with Marlon Brando. That UPS be citing. Lolly? Steve Bertrand spent. Every day for no, why didn't they just give the person of the underdog parts to to violent Brandon? Wouldn't that have been great? That would have been different. It would have been so much fun would have been different. We're gonna take a break afternoon. We're gonna talk about some social etiquette rules that everyone should follow. At least to the best of your ability..

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