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From new york what is getting rid of the twoterm limit actually mean for the communist party well i think these norms that were put in place during deng xiaoping's time the age limits for one thing the idea that you couldn't stay on politburo standing committee if you over the age of sixty eight also the idea that you don't go after either sitting or former politburo standing committee members that politics was no longer going to be a blood sport udugov their families you know put him in prison and of course this whole twoterm limit idea of these were all characteristics of the chinese communist party that i think many people i would certainly count myself among them believe that you know whatever you think of the chinese communist party these doors were good for its resilience for its durability the parties deal definitely dictatorial but this met may be that it wasn't as dictatorial that it was maybe authoritarianism light this move though appears to be you know tearing up the norms and i think will diminish the view of the communist party in a lot of the rest of the world then among many chinese people there's no question that we've seen this steady cumulation of titles of honorifics seating ping thought that's an abbreviation for a really clunky name for the whole thing a has actually been enshrined as part of the party constitution so this is just the latest accolade that he's accrued to himself here and yes i think it's is everyone sees a real consolidation of power that we simply hadn't seen since maostyle what do you think it means 04 she's policies and china there's a school of thought that says what she is trying to do right now is secures position so that he can enact reforms that will take a longer time that's pretty optimistic gloss in one that i would hope to see true but i don't think that's really the case i think that there are people who would say that this is evidence that he has really successfully consolidated power that he's very secure and stable in power again i don't really see it that way uh it's hard for me not to see that usually when a leader.

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