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Nee requires him to be on location in exotic expensive vacation destinations every year. I mean respect and say someone who grew to love albuquerque new mexico but yeah when you write put pen to paper like of course part of us like. I'm going to write myself to maui this summer winter or you know what i mean. Yeah right and oh my god. I'm so impressed by that. it's fantastic. Where do you take white lotus season to what locale What's funny is i it. It's not so much. The tax breaks will determine it but covert will determine it again so it's again a smart choice for them to do this I think the other thing that we read in the l. a. We learned the story about the show. The other week. Was that the four seasons in maui was just for whatever reason cool with this and the even the reporter was kind of like when we followed up to ask at the four seasons was cool with all the stuff that goes on in the show. They degraded kind of immune response. We've resort. That was like re either closed because of covert and can let them run wild or able to continue their business and bring people in safely. So i i don't have an answer. It the potential you know. There's limitless potential around the world. But i do think that those other factors will factor into the decision I have an answer. Yeah i'm always thinking about vertical integration. You know me you know. That's where my mind always goes. You're passionate and get. How can we get energy. What can we build on here. So why not a white lotus about the last group of visitors to westworld. Wow well the shows are very similar. Honestly i i mean that sincerely this is just my preferred version of westworld in apocalyptic representation of what it means to be human like. This is more my speed. How do you see that to imagine arriving by train and just getting off in like. He's very weirdly. Nice hotel managers. Go up to them right before. There is an absolute like a slaughter slaughter from from robots. Yeah but i think that there's lots of of cider action there. Look why not. Why not go to king's landing like why not white lotus king's landing weight load at least like dubrovnik right why or like white white lotus like northern new jersey. Gillis sopranos action going. Wow i mean if casey wasn't coming on the show before now he's gonna come on just to tell you the those are ridiculous ideas I think the other thing that i'm curious about. And there's probably no way of knowing because the ratings of the ratings and the value is the value. It's very opaque from our perspective but it strikes me that the. Hbo struck a bullseye with the show among the audience that they that's most important for them to cultivate which is a certain kind of cultural literati. Slash you know twitter user. It's it's the audience that they've they made their bones on. And i don't know if it is a i don't know how broad an audience it is. I'd be curious. They probably have the numbers. But this is a bullseye. That is important to them. Not only to keep the viewers that have watched the network for years but also to keep their identity as that home for those viewers and as a place to go on sunday nights. It's just really struck. Gold and i and i i don't know if that's the same audience that they've been scraping in touching and moving past shirley things like the undoing or big little lies or Or even marivan which think has north anecdotally but seems to have grown even more successful as it's just been living on hbo. Max yeah. And i think i think it'll be interesting to see coming out of the emmys if that if that show does very well at the emmys whether or not it gets another life of crystal checking out. It's gonna do very well at the emmys Let's talk about reservation dogs. I okay so this is a a a new show. That i would describe as first of all i would describe as wonderful I i will always have time for shows that arrive kind of fully cooked even though i think you know. Tv is about patients and allowing shows sort of figure out what they are. As even as they're airing bite even even so like i would say that this show knows what it is more than most and it's from takeaway td in sterling harjo. It's about four digits teens living in oklahoma. And they're basically bruce springsteen song they're trying to get the fuck out you know. They are dealing with some some grief. They're dealing with economic hardships. And they're kind of getting by hustling doing some petty robbery doing some some cons just also just selling some meat pies outside of health clinic and it shows up and like almost within the fifth frame or the first song you hear when they start playing the stooges you. At least i felt like. I was in like a very comfortable and safe place where i was like. This is a warm bath of like stuff that i like. I like these kids are like the sense of humor of the show. Like the drama of the show like the way. It looks like the music. They're playing like the way. It sounds all of the performances. I've never been to this place. But i wanna spend a ton of time there and that's just what. Tv good tv does right. Yeah i agree with you on everything he said. I i kind of want to just begin by giving the kudos to fx is half our development team and process. It really stands out. And i don't know the ins and outs of how they work versus. How other networks work in this half hour space. But i really can't think of a comparison or any kind of competition where. Fx seems to just not just they put their money where their mouth is because everyone who takes a meeting for half hour show. We used to call them comedies. Half hours Says we want your vision. We want it. We understand what's going to make this special. Is your point of view your distinct idiosyncratic sense of humor your world. What makes you comfortable and we want. We want to help. Bring that to life. And then they start you know. Focus grouping and testing bigger stars just to add a little more shine to it and maybe bringing consultants or whatever and it changes in the process is you can tell you can feel the speed bumps even when eventually in the best cases after five ten episodes at smooths out. Fx is on this run with atlanta with what we do in the shadows davis show. I haven't really engaged with but by all accounts is exactly what i'm describing and now reservation dogs where there aren't stars here. What i mean. There's very little attempt in any of those shows to be like. Let's hold your hand until you feel comfortable here early down view. Throw you a couple of bone so that you recognize things. They're just like this is cool. This is interesting. This is fun into your praises. this is fully formed. And it's the best feeling that we can get from contemporary tv. Right where. I have never spent time on native lands in oklahoma. I this is an entire pocket universe within our country. It is real. It's in our is heightened this is comedy etcetera etcetera but fx trusted sterling harjo and to bring this to life. And if you look it in it's not just the fact that the cast is all indigenous in it at least in my mind. Very few recognizable names If you look at the director's list right if you look at the music is amazing. The show and totally evocative and cool and interesting and surprising am and you're like. Oh are these all oklahoma. Oklahoma artists mostly indigenous artists of the stooges. As you mentioned yes they are. And how thrilling and how wonderful. It is to find a show that looks at all of that. Opportunity looks at all of those quote unfamiliar to mainstream audiences. Whatever that means anymore po- possibility and sees it as an opportunity. It's really fun. Yeah i wanna say also like. I think you'll watch this if you haven't seen it already but you check it out and you're like this show. I wouldn't say it only could have happened in opposed atlanta world but i think atlanta atlanta's success has a lot to do with shows like this because it does feel it has a degree of Kind of not meandering. But it's kind of. It's very much just like slice of life rather than there's not like a tremendous amount of urgency around any major plot point at least in the first two upset by knowing a little bit about throws like background at the sundance institute making independent features and just seeing his age and seeing people walking around this show wearing wu tang clan shirts emblazoned playing the stooges..

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