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Jane Metzler fox news with the exception of ten others ahead of him on the Forbes list he's got more money than just about anybody in the world media mogul Michael Bloomberg making it official today the former New York City mayor is running for president predictably reaction is mixed White House counselor kellyanne Conway on CBS face the nation says his run may be ultimately rejected I thought that Michael Bloomberg may not be on welcome by the national actor is he welcome in his own Democratic Party Conway referring to other Democrats criticizing billionaires for buying elections one hopeful Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar said on ABC's this week voters may see Bloomberg is too similar to president trump maybe they argument as have got more money than the guy in the White House I don't think they're going to buy that I think they want some one different right now eighteen Democrats are still running nearly a dozen have dropped out boxes pronounced cot Bloomberg banking on the super Tuesday contests updating not to file for the early primaries and caucuses from protest to the polls the vote count under way in Hong Kong we're seventy one percent of that city's four point one million registered to cast ballots have in fact voted in today's district council elections there is absolutely no doubt at this point the the pro democracy activists appear to be on calls for eight crushing victory what that will mean practically speaking in the years to come and months to come is anybody's guess boxes Jonathan hunt in Hong Kong but Democrats are a joke California congressman seven Nunez ranking Republican on the house intelligence committee on Sunday morning futures.

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