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How's it going today not bad? It's been super busy even though we've been working from home You've got a lot of people that are looking for digital solutions. Continue to you know. Try to function Their business get the word out. What have you so it has been super busy for me But it's been good. Lotta Lotta cool things. We had hero thirty two. God dropped on us In Overwatch Echo. We'll talk about that a little bit Nascar and and the things that they're doing there. I racing and of course We we finally got some some of that insider info from playstation so. I'm excited to jump into that stuff. Yeah definitely let's jump right in. Sony finally said something about the playstation five it was mark Cerny Gave a talk that was originally aimed at game developers for. Gd Had that happened and the information was good. I will give them that. I think the presentation was a little more of a little a little more divisive Ryan. Let's start with the information itself. What did you take away from? What mark set in during that talk? So here's the thing and I saw you know. There's some people like us on twitter. People were complaining about. Oh boring and I felt like he was boring and dry but kind of like you said it was originally intended for G. D. C. which obviously is developer. So they want to get into those weeds and get into those specs with them however They also made the announcement to make it a public thing. They invited the the community Come in and and you know Listening on that stuff you would think that they would at least try to spice it up a little bit or at least try to take the opportunity to appeal to your general audience as well. You know what I mean. You're coming together as a community. I understand the original you know speech or the original Presentation was for G. D. C. But you guys are the ones that said. Hey come on in Public you know. At least at least try to make it a little more user friendly For them if you're going to do something like that For me I was. I was actually pretty underwhelmed I mean stacked head to head against xbox I mean xbox hands down you know what I mean it hardware. Wise is is It's got a lot of advantages there. Now don't get me wrong the internal drive the SSD drive. Obviously is is a monster On the PS five but Other net you know There wasn't really too much that That really you know I'll I'll cool. We got some specs like also talk a little bit about The Cross play and what that looks like They kind of gave us a roadmap as far.

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