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Hundred two hundred for one thousand bucks right now. By mercury insurance. Both problems cleared out of the way on the northbound side of the five freeway in Orange County. Just before he gets in La Paz clashes all off to the right shoulder. Still seeing delays oh coming away from the seventy three and in by just before we get to the fifty five that one God from the left lane. But still heavy delays air coming out of her mind from San canyon southbound five you're kind of on and off the brakes from the ninety one all the way out toward San canyon in Sierra Madre or Arcadia area to ten freeway westbound side, just before he gets Rosemead. And I had a motorcycle crash has taken away the carpool and the left lane. You're jammed up now coming away from just about the six oh five busy head over towards hill where they did move a crash there out of lanes eastbound side at the two tenths kind of a busy one as well. From halio see brake lights out twenty six oh five. If you're stuck on either side of that you can call me with an update. Bob saving time. Traffic line is eight five hundred five thousand three and then headed for the northbound side of the five freeway getting into LA you're on the brakes at about value. That's getting pretty heavy over towards actually about the one ten before. It gets better. Southbound say the five Burbank from Alameda. See the break. All the way to actually that's going to save ten period highway as you get back into Norwalk stretch before that improves driving in California can be a pain. But you know, what's not a pain? Switching Turkey insurance. California drivers can save an average on can save on average six hundred sixty dollars with mercury. Get started with a free quote at mercury insurance com. That's mercury insurance dot com. Traffic I'm Tony Jordan, four three my FM. Tony what about you ever break them somebody because we're too competitive or vice versa? Now good for your chil- person. Yeah..

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