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Now deeply deeply involved in bringing kelly's back to life not only at the city winery event but in a possible tv series and he possible book in a day doc you men arri and that is why also in studio is phil coached the extraordinary documentarymaker who you heard a few weeks ago on the show talking about is tv show but amy brent fill houria good to be here red if you're always yours will leave the like a home away from home and also in here's youngster anam carsten of loyola university who is he sort of official archivist four the kelly's extravaganza you can see what's going on at mr kelly's chicago dot com but did you i know you were interested in doing it dave and you wanted to talk to some people but do not this is now your lights work as well as bennett a continuing passions i say in the more the more i get into it the more i discover i mean every day we find something new who knew that steve martin was there as a second act the opening up for oliver oliver who is sort of feeds into his already know yeah we just we just found this out two weeks ago after much research it would also seem muggy very launch of coal a theme but difficult to do to create a live stage performance that captures mr kelly's and the elephants gerald era there so you wouldn't daryl nets the the sole hurok impresario of our time in town.

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