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They've also got some good starts from the rest of the rotation so you can't you can't can't put that aside when you get even guy like like who'll who's going tonight i mean it has lost his cool yes k u h l cool so he's got he's wondering over the five or six year but then when you want to know what that you're right that means you're getting some some pitching some runs apart so that's kind of how you got to do it if your guy if you're a team that has some good pitching performances the you might get lower runs but if you've got a guy needs some run support you can definitely turn the bats on that's always nice to have that so the pirates looking like they are turning on this this time of the year no see if they can this team with hot start or they're going to be a team that's going to keep it going the rest of the season he'll tim wanna look is the atlanta braves second year second full year in their new ballpark beautiful ballpark done there in cumberland a land georgia disowned just north of atlanta as the braves they didn't want to think about turner field was that field that was built for the olympics and they kind of converted it into a stadium that was a nice stadium as well but they definitely wanted to have something of their own and they're what the more of the club level feel more swedes and more stuff to do then they can definitely call their own kind of stadium so they are now in suntrust park up in northern cal northern atlanta greater land area their second season there now and the park is going to be a lot of home runs because he did give a lot of home runs last year so.

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