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I added because I did not meant is he just misspelled prescribed to be prescribed medicine was like what the fuck. How is how is his doctor country prescribed him? What what have they prescribed you do? Now. They've condemned him back to the letter of this. You'll see here convincing proof yesterday. The third of September there appeared here under a flag of truce a boat coming from an English Brig at anchor about two leagues from the past. Mr. nNcholas luckier, a British officer of high rank delivered me the following papers to directed to me it proclamation and the admirals instructions to that officer all here with enclosed you will see from their contents advantages. I might have to ride from that kind of association. I may have aided the parliament of duties. Of the custom house, but I have never ceased to be a good citizen and all the offense. I have committed. I was forced to buy certain vices in our loss. I love his pirate. Rationalization? This is what I hear him saying Louis is I know I know we've had our differences shit. You guys. You know, you have your laws and whatnot. But to be totally honest. I don't listen. I don't about those laws. Right. Only real. I chose not to follow those laws, and that's how I live my best life. But check this shit out. I'm proud to be an American. No that and overall other than the laws, I continually broke because if I want to be totally honest, I had to those laws are super fucked up, and they're kind of hurt my business. If you feel me so really is your fault to make dumb laws. I had to break to be a good American. 'cause like I'm like a straight a student when it comes to protecting the red white and blue that's to me what he's saying. Backed letter says in short, sir, I make the deposit. Tori of the secret on which perhaps depends the tranquility of our country, please to make such use of it as your judgments may direct dude with confidence. So, you know, you know, bro. You gotta do you. But if you guys blow me off, I wouldn't you know, because we both know with my hope the British are going to utterly mother. Fuck you and your whole world. So you know, you do what you feel is right for you. I may expatriate on this proof of patriotism, expatiates means to speak or write at length or in detail. I didn't know that one either. But I let the facts speak for self I presume, however to hope that such proceedings may obtain amelioration, the act of making something better really know that one of the situation of my unhappy brother with which view I recommend him particularly to your influence now I read that as bro. I'm a patriot. You know that that's the main reason I wanna help. However, my brother is imprisoned. And I would like to think if I help you out, you know, you can ameliorate the fuck out of his ass and get him out of that cell. You you feel me I'll help Beulah my brother go. All right. Then he keeps writing it is in the bosom of a just man of a true Merican endowed. We all qualities that on it in society that I think I'm depositing the interest of our common country and particularly concerns myself, our enemies have endeavoured to work on me by a motive which. Which few men would have resisted they represented to be a brother and items brother, who is to me, very DEA who's deliverer. I might become an I declined the proposal. Well, persuaded of his innocence. I am free from pretension as to the issue of a trial. But he is sick and not in a place where he can receive the assistance. His state requires. I recommend him to you in the name of humanity. Listen, John, blah, bro. Please British told me they're gonna bust. My brother the fuck out. However that may take a while and he's six so I'm have a lot of time..

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