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Good ac- and finally deliver. Russell Wilson with nineteen points continues to be efficient. Although actually threw the ball over thirty times in this game. Just a weird bizarre day for Seattle perhaps a little bit of a trap game. They're looking ahead to hosting Sanford hosting Kansas City on Sunday night. Good for the forty Niners to get this win. I know summer disappointed in the draft part of it. But that's another time. But and top with if we you know, we should win. So he had draft picks. Stop it. And by the way, I trust our front office. They've been pretty good, you know, and they're evaluating that tolerance. I by the way, how many number one draft picks are locked to beat the thing. So draft. I think I think the whole notion of them quitting though. That's my point one of the things about the forty Niners. They haven't quit on the season. Despite all the injury. I would say I would say in fairness. I think I think the jury is still out on the front front office given the results last two years. I think there's reason for optimization if you're forty Niners fan look Kyle Shanahan clearly coach like, so I think there's a reason for optimism. But I think the jury is still out as to whether or not what they went through for for years before that we're going to be give they're going to be given a full opportunity. There's no question, and I'm not saying they shouldn't be. But I'm saying to say that you know to say that the front office was really done it. I mean, you know, Bill. You can't. I mean in there. They're not good with context. Please quarterback starting room. I know fields dying to get this last the way, but I just on arguing with you. Okay. Go. I'm just saying like they're worse than my Redskins. And my Redskins disaster. We've had many more injuries than you guys. We've lost two quarterbacks invasion. We're talking me is terrible. No argument word is Aster, we are a flaming disaster. And yet we're still in the play where seven seven we're a five hundred team. So I just don't anyway that whatever that's fine. It will move on. Let's let's move on for the forty Niners seventeen for fifty on the ground for map Rita one tough duty also had forty six receiving yards on five catches really though. This was a it was a more collaborative effort for the forty Niners yesterday. George kindle had just fifty one receiving yards. Dante Pettis Scott Eighty-three parents Celtic at the Y a huge game. Nick Mones dismisses Amman and like what would have been like another seventy yard touchdown. He was wide open and honest route. And just there were a couple just a couple of misplace there, and yeah, and sell of course, getting the touchdown here. It was tough. But I will say this. I don't know what he's made of. But Matt Breda is not human. He's thirty two snaps yesterday. Just eleven snaps for Jeff Wilson. So good for you ma-, pre two man, you continue to be impressed. Just rock-solid super steady super tough. We expect him to continue to be the starter for the last two weeks. He may be on the injury report. But there's a good chance. He is going to be real quick on this. If Matt Breda did want to know what he was made up twenty three and me could help him figure that out just shot out there up. We'll have a read from. Then do we have a defined? That's my today today. No. I'm just literally saying he was. There. Now done. Hey, Tariq is twenty three and me sponsor of the podcast as well. Twenty-three me is not a sponsor because because I was gonna say I could invites divine you on to read that on the podcast. Guest rita. Mr. that mean, and I mean like, I don't speak for me. But they're going to happen. I don't want scream for me. Between me to Rica. We could convince me to let you do that every city after she gets myself say we have we have to after she gets over this loss. What? Yeah. Exactly. So so so there you go. So you all right there, you have it. We're back tomorrow with the waiver wire ads you need to know the recap of the saints in the Panthers and all the implications of that game. Plus latest news. There's tons of it coming Matthew berry to find your bell. Sorry. Matthew, berry TM Harno for session media, including the fantasy life except for life. Appar- is just Matthew berry. Correct..

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