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Or share with them. You know, this is a real value to me, and it's very important to me. So you need to express that. You don't have to. I'm just saying it's there for you and you if it's really tugging at your heart strings. If it's really a value to you then and I can think of a particular Client that got into some gambling issues. Of course. They needed to say this far away from gambling is possible. And yet they had gambling in their portfolio gaming. It's what we call it there and you know it was It was a struggle for them at the time, whether not just supporting, so everybody had it. Maybe just something personal. It just may be in its okay. I just recommend that you do it a little analysis and say Okay, if Let's take it out. And then if I do what, let's do a projection. What can I project and then you get to make the decision How important it is to. Absolutely now this might be something we ask. George George Ross and our event next month coming up here. Great question than asking. That s O feels about social impact. That's exactly right. And, you know, I mean, it's becoming more more more prevalent. So yeah, if you're wondering Well, George Ross, who? Well, George Ross is one of the stars Notorious, That's right. One of them, You know, I feel so inadequate when I say Victoria's friend because Charles. Pain is your friend George Ross is your friend. I'm sure you know some members of the royal family somewhere down the line. But on February the 17th that's a Wednesday from 3 32 5. So in the afternoon kind of later afternoon To give you an opportunity. Maybe you could take off work a little bit or just have it on at your desk while you're at the office. That's a lot of people. But we're gonna have George on and we're gonna We're treating this kind of like a virtual strategy review for our clients of Victorian. I will share what's going on with the market. What we believe is gonna happen. What are we tracking, but we're really going to reserve a lot of the time for George because George has a ton of experience in the world of business. Investing. He's a real estate master. You know, I'm sure he's got some great stories to tell. Doesn't share some with me and I hope he has. He's kept a few little ones. Yeah, Yeah, So And this is open to you..

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