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People blamed you blind the sudden breakdown into soy is they saw on all sorts of black people and stuff like that so there's the roy's national front so that was the tali and but socialists seemed to it was russia russia was a communist country enough that well that's robbi she know that says copy that copy an ideal so socialist workers probably they were against the soviet union so that sort of tracks me and that really finding a spo into that sort of it was that sort of on a world standpoint i ought to be the soviet union was in any way fucking i you should bru yeah but is similar i mean the you're saying it's interesting that politics is becoming that divided again and these people are very passionate people in the left or more on the left a very passionate again about those socialist ideas and very in transient to to to anyone criticizing it so it's you can understand what the passion of it and as a young person getting caught up in the and the know is right you know i think most people most people are attractive boy colby do think things story probably because there's a number of people who will just go anyone makes any criticism of anything robin the guard cairo well let's all right maybe there's something in what they say you maybe we'd or at the very least maybe we don't get an arrow ideas across properly so maybe we should rethink how instead of that they just go i'll give you fascist for about an old off they go and they.

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