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A moment WTLV at three twelve the body worn camera program in Fairfax county is about to begin in practice after more than a year of pilot programs for the situation and training they're wrapping up now but there's a strong possibility funding for this could hit a snag Fairfax county police chief ed Roessler says more than three hundred fifty cameras will be deployed to officers at three different stations and specialized units on may first during the last few weeks rustler says the officers trained virtually with other county employees in the program this includes staff from the office of the Commonwealth attorney the public defender's office and court personnel while phase one is funded he says it's possible the program could encounter challenges phases two and three are proposed to be impacted due to the economic decline resulting from the cove in nineteen pandemic lacking clarity WTOP news the CDC finds that parents who fall behind on their kids vaccinations these days often fail to catch up at any point and some parents now we're skipping appointments all together because of concerns about contracting the coronavirus this pandemic is scary and it's even scarier when you have a young infant mom Jennifer John Pierre of upper Marlboro know some parents concerned about corona virus are skipping kids appointments we chose to stay on schedule because it's really important three month old deacons vaccinations are up to date you have never know what may have been like if people are not vaccinating the measles are going to be on the rise or walking cough Dr Tony Thompson two terms of TLC pediatrics we need to bring your baby and for their wealth check out assessments and the immunizations Kristy king WTOP news WTLV at three fourteen long shot down has a lot of people struggling to find enough cash to buy the basics like groceries but turning to your credit card may not be the antacid dances may appear to be a viable option right now however those are really expensive so I would try to avoid them.

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