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Um this the way to steal my pink odu what do you think liz i i kind of look around for hidden cameras um honestly i can't get past the fact of just being terrified of being so i am a bit cost of phobic so the idea of being stuck anywhere um it does not be a small space but just like being stuck somewhere and hoping that someone will you know believe what i'm saying as terrifying to me solely my palms or sweaty just thinking about that aspect of it uh but yeah i think if someone passed out some newt's through the the front of the machine or whatever like okay what's going on here especially because we've at least in my area we've heard a lot about us skimming being a huge thing right now and especially gas stations and atms people replacing the actual cards scanners for skimmers and stealing people's information it's like how does this involve that had an edge should i walk away should call the police but again relying on someone to trust that what you're saying in this note is true it's pretty terrifying it is yeah i mean that that's i do like the fact that the that my appalachia has the emergency in their case i'm stuck in an atm although as i was camping this weekend and as glam paying i'll be honest um and so the part of the camping site they they offer you these little battery chargers for your cell phone said that owner on i know it's horrible and it was wonderful but i forgot my apple watch charger so i had lots of lighting cables i don't travel anywhere with elon but i for um apple watch charger.

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