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When you were writing the book how deep did you guys go into coming up with the puns, the golf puns up and down? I love it. Well, yeah, but that's really it. But truly, because it's up and down, I mean, it is. It's one of those things that there were so many different names I wanted to do and all these things, but up and down, just it made the most dumb stuff. How many names did you have in mind that you went through? Well, I mean, I'm selfish as I noticed in my life. I'm very selfish. Sure. And so I wanted to just say bubba Watson. You know what I'm saying? Or maybe even act like a really awesome and just put bubba, you know? So, you know what I'm saying? That's where, you know, that's the selfish part of me coming up. I like up and down and I also we like the victories and struggles in the course of life. You throw a lot of golf pundits. You know, it's very thoughtful. It's very witty and it's also very impactful. But if you look at it, it was trying to get the golf people to read it. We've got golf, and then you get the other people to read it. It's not just about golf, right? And so you're trying to impact a lot of people, golf fans or non golf fans. You look good on the cover too, man. You do look, you look like healthy, look happy. Right, exactly. Awesome, man. Yeah, no, it was good. It was a fun time and still a fun time, right? Because we're still talking about it. And I get to from now is the fun time everyone's going to be able to enjoy it. Everyone's got to go out and get up and down. Where are we selling this thing? Where can people find it? Bookstores, and we go to Amazon, you go to bubba Watson. Every time. We're everywhere, man. What was just like, 5 tool player over here? Absolutely 5 tool player..

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