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Elder. Yes, Larry and love your uncle. Com movie. I think you should get some sort of award for it. I mean, look what they gave the comb. Oh, that gave him off on a ward and Emmy shouldn't even have got that. Couple 8971 s a G E triple 89717243 Larry Elder relief that could calm studio Speaking of Uncle Tom, It still has a 9.0 rating on I am DB that it's a higher I am D B rating that any of the last 10 winners. The Academy Award for Best Oscar for best documentary. There have been three list that have been put out that I've seen recently, including one by a publication that covers independent films called Indiewire. Uncle Tom not on the list, even though higher IMDb rating that any on the list. Give it a couple of other ones, one by something called Paste magazine, one by something called Polygon. Both put out their best documentaries of 2020 list. Uncle Tom. Not there, even though Uncle Tom higher I am DB rating than any on the Paste magazine list and on the polygon list. Hmm. E wonder why. And it isn't because it's not widely watch if you look at the number of people that have written reviews about it. That number exceeds the number of people they've written reviews about for any of the virtually any of the other films are a couple that have had more reviews. An Uncle Tom, but not very many on any of these lists. It's not that it's not being widely seen. These poll question left you with the last time we talked yesterday. Have you had a vaccine shot for the coronavirus? Mr McConnell, what percentage of people said that they have had the Corona virus vaccine shot. 0% Mr McConnell, said 40 0%. Nobody who respond to the survey has had the vaccine shot now regarding Sammy Davis Jr. Here's what happened. He campaigned tirelessly for JFK in 1960. And as reward JFK wanted him to perform at his inaugural. In fact, Sammy Davis Jr was engaged to an actress who happen to be white. He postponed the engagement because he didn't want to hurt Candies prospects in the South. Noisy campaign. Hey, postponed his wedding. JFK winds. Seventies gets wet gets gets married. Guess who gets disinvited? To the inaugural That's right. Sammy Davis did And JFK was not man enough to give him the news. Mano a mano. He asked. Franklin doctor to tell Sami the bad news. And instead of Frank, telling JFK to stick it He went to Sami. And told Sami he couldn't go to the inauguration. There's a piece in something called Bring Choir. Sammy Davis Jr kept a drug against J. F. K Mentions the tweet that I put out CNN. Is your article going to justify why Sammy Davis Jr was uninvited at his inauguration, even at Davis helped elect him. Hmm..

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