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Actually. Let me get air. I am Mike My i Mike. Stainless Jab Jab Jab to your face like nine out of ten set. Yes ten of them set out win. How could I not be great? Greatness a point in my finger at you face asking the question well. Here's the answer you just the latest victim of what? I'm spitting no face mask on covert so pick up your mouth piece while you crawl. They say Yo Casu. You went tough kid. Blood on the bars means you bust it open to. Nobody and I'm hoping I could trust the judges but if I lose the Nass desk because this week of injustice somebody call stone them but my gloves is sixteen ounce to protect my hands but sixteen boss can protect your Dan's a bunch of Z's at the end like he popped Zanny. I can sense he dreaming of me. That's why we have in this trilogy. Somebody coughing I izzy. Let's make this quick with the ring. Dot say he got diagnosed for the sake flow. Cleared me to fight though. I could shave my bed and still now for your punchline. Bro Quote a doc back in check on getty southwestern the bell and I like how you literally said you ain't easy with the core while stainless jumped on the line with the killer background noise you still flow and that's not me. You know big enough. That's just like real life that I want everybody to know that I wasn't mistake. That was stainless jumped on livewire with all that snow priorities for their cause. They already got me as cough gate. I can't be called gay. An soundboard gate. I WE WANNA greatness. Talk to me that Bill. Rest in peace to my brothers and sisters the original people. I refused to shake the hand. If that hand won't kill from people 'cause my people show love and I so love with him when they thought the gloves on put the gloves on Whigham till this day ways in China show cash what.

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