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Let's go to the tweets. Here blue-jay josh at josh stay. He writes in. Which do you think it's more likely. The dodgers catching the giants or the reds catching the brewers for the division titles. I like this. You're only giving me those two options. I'm gonna pick say. The dodgers catching the reds because the dodgers have a lot of good players you know and they just have started this Sequence with having trae turns go along with core seger in the go along with monkey bets. max muncie so you wonder if that dapple manifest. I don't think the reds are catching brewers for national league central title. I do think the reds have a chance to the padres for the wildcard All right andrew campbell. Wrightson real camp drew and Andrew's question is kind of poorly timed because the yankees bullpen completely I mean they got the win but melted down the ninth inning there But i'm going to summarize. Send us a screen shot of a note. Andrew wants to know if the yankees work with relief pitchers turning them around. Coaching guys. Up is akin to raise work with position players turning around underperforming prospects into good major league players. Good call look. They certainly in recent years. They've done a good job of that And we've talked about in our teams like the race and the brewers being able to do that but you know. The dodgers have been excellent at that guys like chris. Taylor max muncie taking players skills in helping them find. Get the best out of themselves in. You're right the yankees have been doing that with relief pitchers. Let's go to mike hubbard at 'em hub five one three another ill-timed question but mike writes. And what would lewis. Kathy you have to do to win the cy young one point nine. Era since june. I yeah i think zack wheeler this point is the leader. What would you say taylor i. I think he's got a pretty like at this point absolutely Last one for today. Jr meco at jason. Miko are jason writes in. What's the word of evan longoria. Returning from injury. His collision with brandon crawford was seemingly devastating the time and was interesting. Because it happened between two multi-mm` cold glove winners. How good goodwill the giants bats be. Once he returns well first off. He is making progress. I checked on this this morning with three three last night with a whole run started to double plays in the field in his rehabilitation simon. In triple a. look. I thought the you know. The trade for ryan was excellent because longoria has any type of a setback and given his age. You know you have to build in for that you plan for that possibility brank third base or you could move around. They're an excellent team. I think it was dave jump field. Set it right yesterday. They're not the giants are coming back to the pack. There's an excellent chance. The giants are gonna finish the two thousand twenty one season with the best record in baseball. Not something about a possibility of before the year started. Certainly not all right. Good batch of bleach or tweets there. Please continue right in hashtag.

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