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But i think the the fact that the movie makes that villain that kind of person is a valid villainous caricature i wish we spent more time kind of building up that tension right because it's really broadly done like percival likes the oasis he just wants the key and it's you know the the lady friend whose name artists who is like the rebel or the member of the resistance and trying to stop this big corporation and everything and i wish that tension was kind of built up better just in terms of like what people want from the system with the means for the whiter world that yeah yeah yeah this world is so poorly constructed like are we are we just consuming the past at this point like people are in their vr headsets and just consuming the pass nobody is creating anything any first time we see the is it looks like a bunch of original content right that batman is peppered in but it it just hang gliding game looks kinda cool and this mountain climbing game but those are all things being consumed by the players i'm wondering what are what are people doing you know like that's like what i agree that people actually building things i don't know it does not set up like what the stakes are of possessing the away or anything like that in an interesting way go ahead similar concept was the congress from a few years ago animated film and it was the idea that if you could live in his virtual world in create a virtual avatar will to be but it was an animated film so rather than everything looking like it had to look to make all these licensing agreements because you need to really done if i two characters so they when they get their screen time it was all this really trippy animation so characters might look like the robot from tropical is or might look like groucho marx or whatever tom cruise right right right right.

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