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Offering a plea deal to New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft and others who are charged in that prostitution case. This tides the recent stings in a number of massage parlors there the offer I standard diversion program to those first time offenders CNN. Reporter Rosa Flores talked to Mark O'Mara who's the CNN legal analysts and also an attorney here in Florida who's this? This is fairly routine a fairly routinely called a deferred prosecution agreement, and he says that this is probably the best that craft can get because he would include no jail time, no conviction. And no affirmative, please immediate reaction to this and attorney not involved in this case what he told CNN this week. We've been hearing a lot about what sort of wealthy white collar defendants and the. Justice. They get and even if that's not play here. Even if that's not what's going on. It just doesn't smell good to the public as Elliot Williams to CNN. There has been no comment yet from lawyers for craft President Trump and the rose garden with Brazil's leader earlier questions on Venezuela. The crisis there, Mr. Trump says all options are on the table, including military intervention. If you living you can either you have either early voted on this or might be voting today. If you care, it's the Marta referendum question that could reshape the transportation landscape in our metro area. The polls close on this at seven o'clock results to come right here on WSB this evening. What broke ground today up eighty-five in commerce being called the largest economic development deal in Georgia since the Kia plant opened in West Point a decade ago battery a Korean company says they're gonna plan what point seven billion dollars investment to create this plan to make batteries powering electric cars expect to expand to invest up a five billion over the next decade. That's gonna to two thousand new jobs to star channel two action. News reporter Steve Bach. WSB news time three thirty two. We remember the three little pigs.

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