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The Lakers are now minus five from the sites I'm looking at who do you like, in Lakers, clippers game tonight with the Lakers as a five point favorite, I think even with the guys that are gonNA. GonNa be out to the clippers like I. Don't know if I can take the Lakers and the spothero. Honestly like I hate to say this, but I don't think there's a strong bet to be made on either side like I kinda pound the table, one way or another just for the purposes of the show, and maybe I should do that actually. But I won't because I'm TROPE, you want people to give people the best advice here I. Really Love this game. So instead, I'm to steal an angle that we were given this week on you better. You Bet that I really like here, and that's at the clippers as they've kind of ramped up here towards the start. Of obviously the restarting here where. I don't know kind of what kind of effort we're going to see from the clippers throughout this kind of regular season period here until the playoffs, they don't have a lot to play for here. They probably can't catch Lakers probably going to be the two seat in the western conference. Are they really is doc rivers going to put all his cars out on the table right now, I don't know that that's the case. So argyle capper said this on the show last night and I agree with him one, hundred percent. I. Think you're GonNa see a first half tonight that is going to be run gun up and down extremely high quality of play and maybe called off a little bit in the second half. Here's the clippers kind of not show their cards input, put all their cards on the table here and the clippers busy with depth issue as well. So how about a piece of the first half over tonight in the Lakers clippers game? But if you make me pick a side, I'll take the five points, the clippers because I think that lines a little out of whack right now. First, half, over does that. mean. Under or just the first APP over. I like the first half over and then depending on what happens look I'm going to be like, I'm going to overdose on sports betting here over the next couple of days. So I'm going to you bet your bottom dollar and I will I'll be sitting there in front of my computer tonight firing off live bets at wealth. It's GonNa, be awesome. He is nick, Kostis these star of the show although I guess, the more I learn about you better. You Bet scowls hard to call him these star when there guys name well capper Laki locker sin and imagine other random characters It seems like a heck of a show and then just. For Eli or just call him. Eli. Asshole like hey asshole. Can You? Promise. You can listen to to Laki to nick to ally to well capper and a bunch of other characters on you better. You BET ON RADIO DOT com. Thanks Nick for joining US coming back after the break scallon will be back to. The show on scalps on, radio. Dot Com..

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