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He's got 17 senators that are gonna vote with him to go for the conviction. And then the next boat to get Trump's where we can't run for election against, so he Regains control of the party, because if he doesn't do that, God knows with Trump the way he is, he could be Freddy Krueger like and come back to bite him, But I really don't think It's an emotional decision he's making with these speeches today. I think it's a very calculated sort of a problem and you know it and you're right. We do ourselves a bad turn. If we don't realize how smart and calculating Mitch McConnell is, when it comes to politics, do you think you know in retrospect that the people who have given themselves over to Donald Trump do you think that they are going to regret the role that they played? That's a great question. And I think not unless and until senior leaders of the party including some of the desperate along the lies the lines of Ted Cruz, come clean and go back and start walking their rhetoric back to pre trump era. I mean, it used to be. We're Cruz was kind of Ah, conservative, but it conservative that was facing his policies with positive conservatism, not the politics of divisiveness in the negative conservatism that one Donald Trump a lot of support in mind my problem with Cruz That he almost tapped into this. Vein of supporters to try to get easy votes and consolidate power. And I'm really disgusted with him.

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