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Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington This is NPR. Live from Kait Q. E D news on Brian What Proposition 15 has failed after an intense and pricey campaign, the property tax reform measure lost by a narrow margin, it would've raised up to $11 billion a year for schools and local government. Education leaders like West Contra Costa Unified Superintendent Matthew Duffy are coping with the verdict. It's really frustrating because it continues to create an understanding that you're only gonna have a good education if you have money. Education funding in California has never fully recovered from the effects of 1978 proposition 13, which capped property taxes, proposition, 15 would have stripped some businesses of those protections and put the new revenue towards schools and local governments across the Bay Area. Voters did approve bonds and taxes to fund their local school districts. A San Francisco faces a surgeon Covad 19 cases, the city is closing down indoor dining, reducing capacity at gyms and movie theaters and pausing any additional reopening of high schools. County public health Director Dr Grant Colfax says the new order goes into effect this Friday. If you do not cause and we do not reverse It is entirely possible that we will face the situation where our health care system could become overwhelms and reverse the current progress that we've made. All these many months, Colfax says. The city is currently averaging 80 new cases a day from 32 at the end.

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