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The under chapter here on the show the cowboys cowboys got back to their winning ways yesterday. Taking down the Lions thirty five to twenty seven Zeke Elliott was held to only forty five rushing yards but hauled in a receiving touchdown on and celebrated by doing his best Dak.. warm-up impression runes doing it led the way through the air with four hundred forty four yards three touchdowns the cowboys are now six and four with sole possession of first place in the NFC face now joined by hall of Famer NFL network analysts Ladainian Tomlinson good to have view with us yesterday going back and by the way when I greeted Ladainian this morning I said. Forgive me for this but I can't call lt because there's just one of those. Ah like a football God. What was your answer? I L T the original said call me baby. Yeah not worth clever to all right at least when you look at these cowboys in your opinion. How far can this team go well? That's that's a really good question. I do believe that they are the best team in. Thank you so now when we talk about not being the best team that means you're GonNa have a home home playoff game right so that means you're probably going to be playing in wildcard game against a team like Minnesota or maybe even dust. Did they edged red. But here's the thing you either Seattle or San Francisco. Oh probably would be other team that you will have to play at home now. I believe the cowboys can beat Minnesota and San Francisco Home Seattle to me. Seattle has a a lot of experience. There have been there and done that. They have the coaching experience. And the problem to me with the cowboys at times is Kelly. Moore's inexperienced shows up. We've seen it in passing. I do think as a team. They have all the talent to make a deep run. I just think when it comes down to it if you plan a team like Seattle Seattle that inexperience at times where you're not very creative at times office. That's GONNA come back to bite. You beat Seattle in a home playoff game last last year that that'd be MVP we're BP. Russia different cloudy now cloudy now on different a different football but I do believe this cowboy team can get past wildcard round division around when they probably will have to play a team like the saints you know and and the road which will raise a difficult task so I give them getting past wildcard round divisional round. Ooh that'd make me find out cases now I don't I still gotTA missing. The playoffs too inconsistent uh-huh because that Defense Gabe Jeff Driscoll twenty seven points. How about this? They got six wins. They got one win over team has got more than three wins. Interest you in that. Now when you're playing the player what you're not going anywhere. So get temporary down. I know I know you all excited been banging on the table fish. You'll be hurting banging the table and blue. XP Did your hope. You'll be like that. Skip if you look at the schedule is down the stretch. The schedule really favors. I mean eagles. Seattle Miami the giants Washington going to get you guys cowboys. That'd be that'd be the death blow right there and then get the giants again and you guys got New England Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Guideline love EP in Chicago. It's the rams the eagles coach. That's going to be the game right there because only one team coming Outta the NFC east from the West but the cowboys have only eagles lately the last three years we got him Hey poor disclaimers not is Dallas. You GotTa have a Joke Dallas. It's closer to our young. You love the cowboy. There's the play did you did okay. L. What football wanted to be a running back. That's all it wasn't about being a cowboy you you don't go to okay so just tell me about Ross. He's arrived he's he's according to you he's edging out right now. Lamar Jackie. I'm being connect guess. Who goes to Philly this coming Sunday? MVP Raw will be here. y'All get in the we'll get it. You didn't get Brady. So we'll we'll get lane Johnson back. We'll get lane Johnson back wing. It'd be p rooker cloudy Go have a field day so I'm going to confession once again my team. The The Dallas Cowboys is driving me out of my mind on a weekly basis years off the end of my life. My wife keeps yell at me. You gotta calm down. I I go berserk doing cowboy games because they make me Berserk. Howie long talked about it yesterday? On our Priego pre-game show on Fox. They're so talented. You just said that's talented. You go down just on paper Ross. Earn you say they just don't play up to her. I don't know why I don't know why not look. I think they need a new head coach. Just new voice up to it at some poor certain game in Italy in fits and starts during the game at seven out of ten in times. They've trailed immediately. They've fallen behind immediately and seven of their ten games. That's not a championship team and yet the quarterback is playing at a championship. I've been shipped level to me. He would be in this. MVP race if not for a couple of blown games at the end. The Minnesota game when they went. Zeke Zeke Zeke at the end of the game. I'm like what are you doing is it. Kellen Moore did Jason Garrett intervene and say run run it and then throw it Zeke. I don't know but something went wrong because the quarterback was on fire against Minnesota. And I'm with you. Could they beat Minnesota Plotkin. Yes they could. They almost beat him and and that Sunday night game. Campbell Kirk did yesterday Dow wisdom five awesome and then I saw kirk at the podium after the game sit somebody just texted me and said it took a special person to pull off that comeback. So he's telling the world world. Somebody texted him to say special.

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