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With other beings. I think that the multidimensional nature seems to be related to ritual because indigenous cultures. Have a very close relationship with the other world through ritual culture like we talked about they have the extra teric versus the esoteric. They give us all this stuff about the story of jesus and how great he was but they they create a middleman between us and creator. You know where we're like. Well we can only experience creators through this person. He's the best in like he did it all for us and then he died so feel sorry for him you know and and it just this really like interesting. You know way of living your life. That i've gotten really sick of being in new england. It just seems like it doesn't serve people very well. They tend to drink too much. Live kind of meager Meaningless from their own opinion. Not me this. Is people telling you this stuff you know. 'cause i don't wanna pass that kind of judgement on anybody but seemingly meaningless life and and i i think that's indicative of the esoteric being removed from western culture in order to insulate it within the one percent hierarchy structure. However they take their shape whether it's through these elite families and then to go into your lizard question absolutely brought because back. When i was in community college taking that anthropology class i would take breaks between classes in the park. New haven green. Right right in the center of town i was sitting there one day smokiness blitz and. I probably told this story a bunch of times. I'm podcast but i'll make it please of short and sweet and all the best part so i'm sitting there have a sitting bowl t shirt on and a guy walks up to me short squat dark black hair. You know very clearly an indigenous person you know and not the type that's from around here you know not to pass judgment again. But he didn't look like us from around here and And he spikes up a conversation with me the weed the shirt you know. We have mutual interests obvious and he introduced themselves as somebody from arizona. Appoint blow indian and we started talking about sitting bull. Who's on my shirt. We started talking about weed. And next thing i know every other day i'm seeing them at the park and we become friends and i asked him like you know what you do. What are you doing around here. And he's like well right now. I'm homeless to my. Why are you homeless. What's going on. Well you know i i. I'm not gonna lie to you. I was in prison. And i really like i feel like i wrong my community. So when i got out of prison i came to new haven connecticut. You know miles away from where i. I've lived my whole life. Because when i was in prison. I heard this story about geronimo. And how jeronimos skull and bones were taken from oklahoma and brought to high street new haven yale university inside of the skull and bones tomb and that hurt him so much because he is you know in you know. And that's one of his ancestors you know whether it's through tribe or through actual father grandfather. He's related to geronimo and he came to new haven with nothing on his back. But you know just a shirt and pads and made it happen. You know and by praying to geronimo whether it was like his spirit or even just the bones that were removed in that desecration away in that. Same de magnetising way. He would stand in front of the tomb every day at noon and scream juror automo- as loud as he could and man i stood next to him and it was the most powerful thing i've ever heard somebody. You know yell in a in a beautiful way and it touched me so deeply you know all the things he taught me and and all the things that we learned just through our couple months of maybe year to a friendship just smoking here and there together you know it taught me that like a this stuff is real deal and be you know. This guy isn't lying to me. So this kind of gives you the foundation for what i'm about to tell you. So her smoking weed. I was very interested in psychedelic. Says very interested in all the native american information on alternative stuff so he broke down to me is like well when i was about your age my grandfather and my father. They took me out into same spot that they went when they're my age in the desert in the mesa and they gave me peyote and i sat there by myself for two days. You know before they came back to get me. Whoa and before. They even went out there they did a sweat lodge and then after when they came to get him they did another sweat lodge am on me. You know you don't eat you just drink like whatever water that you brought with. You know if you can. You're lucky enough to find water in the desert. You get some more right right if you know the secret But either way whether it was the first second third fourth day at some point he leaves his body and goes into the ground and he meets a being that he described as a female lizard. Okay she taught him things that his father and his grandfather and his great grandfather and all these men in his tribe who take this rite of passage they all have this same experience with this woman. Goddess lizard person. You know like you could use any of those words interchangeably but at the end of the day. They revere the this spirit thing as you know spiritual teacher and it takes a form of a lizard you know. Maybe that's because they're in the desert and there's a lotta lizard reptile energy that animal totem kind of way right. Yeah you know with our conspiratorial lands knowing things about like skin walker ranch in roswell and all of these underground bases and all these other things and the even the story. I related about being from the you know underground saving people from the hopi zuni tribe By taking them underground. It's like well you know to this day that people can have that potentially experience. I think it's very much connected to his blood and who he is you know. I don't think if i took the peyote. I would have that same experience with that Lizard being rc. Witherspoon place to the place also has a factor you know maybe there actually is something underground there where they take people to go and have that ritual On the mesa and leave them out there for a couple days and you know it on peyote basically so learning that from him you know and learning who he was of repeated of time growing the trust him and like also learning like the way the shaman from the book By michael honnor by the same title and also the yawkey way by don juan. You know. Carlos castaneda's books All of these factors kind of really shaped who i became to answer. You know where we're talking about roya But also showed me like holy crap. There's actual conspiracies out there. That aren't just like fiction. I was interested in this stuff. But i didn't know what to believe because i've never seen a big foot. I've never seen a lizard person. You know like right. I'd love to but you know at that point in my life. I only read about that kind of stuff and wasn't sure what to think. And then here comes as guy walks into my life teaches me about the power of sage teaches me about cannabis tobacco about this lizard. Person that he met on peyote so yeah man to summit up. I think you know yes. There are lizard beings out there. And i think that when i try to figure out what's going on i tend to go to the indigenous cultures and their understanding the world because they're the ones who have leased been affected by the empire so to speak right ones that have done a good job of you know maintain their traditions and the ones that maybe have been you know less messed with so we'll have to wait and see if the sentinel island people ever learn to write and see what they've been thinking about for two thousand years but exactly that's that's like i think that's where my fascination comes from and that's why like living in connecticut you know honoring the peak qua- people who actually live here for much longer than europeans did and like understanding their history and where their monuments were. That's become really important to me. Because i think in like a synchro mystic way going back to what michael one and ross ben do. You can really like dive into the mystery. That is your life you know. And it's going to take. Its own course depending on who you are for me. That's what this entails. And i think anybody who's listening to a show like this. They could probably go and do something very similar. You know if you're from new york state. There's thousands of places you can go to get in touch with these celestial celestial alignments you know new orleans is like the one last untouched area. Most of the mississippi culture is pretty well documented. The ohio culture's pretty well documented. But right again the people who are documenting them you know. They have a certain bias in perspective and an agenda that i think is worth looking at through a conspiratorial ends like the smithsonian institute and all the things they've done covering things up you know and all that well that actually kinda takes me to my mind my final two questions which i think will will take a bit but we'll be well worth it The first one is the i know. These are quite vague questions in a certain way. So please answer them as you see fit your your perspective of the electric universe and if you think that generally people are missing something from that understanding of that theory and also the i know is going to be a big one but we sort of touched on it at first and i just want to expand on it before wrapping up your perception of time. So in either order doesn't matter please. The floor is yours. Take as long as you like. Cool yeah i mean time is is i. I like to think you know when you think in the past in that sayings. -iety regret all those emotions you know are in the past. The future has those same attachments but being present is what's important and all we have. Is the president right right right. It's kind of like the understanding of time. But i also wanted to point out something david. I said that i really enjoyed Think of the matrix is a whirlpool and the infinite oneness as the river. The matrix is still the river the infinite one but like a whirlpool it is operating in its own little world to it's own agenda. What has happened. I was told in my altered states. Is that the matrix was forgotten. It is the infinite. The whirlpool has forgotten. It is the river. So i think time is like the river and were like that whirlpool. You know if you've ever kayak or canoe you know what i'm talking about that whirlpool you can create it with the or when you're pushing on the water and it spins it has its own direction path and then it it's you know kind of gone and it only existed in that really kind of sublime way so yeah man. That's that's kind of time to me. It's just like a river you know were just standing in a river That's constantly moving. So do you see all points sword you see all points of time as equal as of these extraterrestrials have allegedly taught some of our our leaders. I mean not to say that they took that knowledge with good intention but again just conveying that knowledge to them in the sense of time being equal and it seems like through quantum physics. We're finding that to be the case more and more on public level. But do you subscribe to that or not particularly. I think you know. It's interesting I hadn't heard that from those sources. But i think in a sort of intuitive way that makes sense to me i think like art is indicative of time like time is kind of like essential in making are an art is just an expression of creation is expression of life. You know what is art. It's just you know creation you know it's everything is kind of art so oh i wish i had this book ready but no no problem because this is something that i've really so the law of time states that time is the universal frequency of synchronization. It is the nature of time to synchronize into maintain all things in a condition of synchronization. Synchronicity than is the experience of real time when we say that time is a frequency we can more precise be more we can be more precise and say that time is a universal constant express oil by the mathematical ratio. Thirteen twenty okay. So the law of time is formulated very simply and in some people's way of thinking rather unscientific as our t- equals parentheses e. equals art energy factored by time equals art. So you know. I think honnor ji was the word i was looking for just then but that comes from jose arguello ice in his book time in the techno sphere and the reason why that thirteen twenty is important is because we have thirteen twenty eight day cycles now. Yeah that's not completely exact but sort of what book was there from. I'm just writing the energy. Plus time equals art. That's great what this is called the time in the technical sphere. Yeah this is a great book by jose as And you know. I've been looking through this a lot talking about it on my patriot show and how people can get more in tune with the thirteen moon cycle. Because that's part of the empire's deception is creating this calendar that throws us out of harmony and demagnetize us with the natural calendar the harmony. That is the universe that we're in it kind of is like A whirlpool cycle units constantly spinning upwards into Wherever it's going. I mean that's for us to determine i think that's kind of like the lava traction stuff but i feel like i. I missed the boat on answering the second question. The first question maybe sort of i think the two are very much intertwined but i mean it's interesting you say that about sort of like a whirlpool or sort of that twirling motion. Because recently i've been covering in my public episodes. Quick connection for the audience about a the work by dan winters and now he speaks about you know anti gravity technology and things like that again. Many different ways to harness the the the the way in which they propelled aircraft off the ground but again magnetized versus demagnetize. Ation working like an elastic band again. Similar to even what you have upright now in your background brother the You know as above so below right the yin and the yang so to speak right that sort of balance and it seems like again on more technological side but we could also say i guess. Electric universe theory side as well that when the craft propel. There's another end of it as well where it's sort of like that magnetized movement so it's interesting that you bring that up but it was The questions were electric universe theory and your perception of or your thoughts on on time. Okay so then. Yeah on the electric universe theory. Yeah i've had a couple conversations on my podcast. My family thinks crazy about that and It's definitely fascinated me. Ever since i've i've learned more and more about it Specially knowing what i know about tesla and his technology and you know again not the expert but to me the european structures. Yeah yeah to to me. The megalithic structures are indicative of something like that you know because when we look at saimaa mix i mean look at how electricity and vibration and pattern and like all. These things fit together in a syncretic way just had a santos banacci my podcast talking about syncretism that episode out actually the same days this one so people should check that out but it's definitely It's definitely something. I think makes the most sense. And then if we want to really connect The mythologies and the indigenous cultures perception of paradigm and worldview. It fits in everything they say it means thunderbird and you know all of these different stories From many different cultures. I'm not just talking about north america here. You know it's all over the world you have stories of like lightning being that you know creates things and you know not that we need to rest our hat on mythology and story but for me i think when you start trying to understand the story of your life and how it fits into the larger story that is the human story you start to notice signs symbols and synchronous cities the lower case s.'s that fit into the upper case s. That is the story now. And i think when you start to notice those s.'s. You start to connect dots and you might feel like a crazy person like connecting all these random dots. But if you trust your intuition at the very least you're gonna change your life for the better if you have positive intention to. I think that's the other thing is like. That's that's true for me so if that makes us an electric universe you know. I think that that that's what that means to me. You know like we're electricity. You know you see how watery acts electrcity. Our bodies are seventy eight percent water. In what happens if you get too much voltage get fried so i mean there's even like people that their whole foot has turned to stone a guy's foot turn to stone because he had so much voltage running through worked for power company. You know a lot of unfortunate accidents from those guys at work On a with electricity and it seems to be superhuman sometimes. What they're not superhuman supernatural. What happens to them. But it's very natural within on electric universe paradigm it's only in this materialist universe paradigm. Where things like you know this. Petra fixation or Zero electric type situation ryan kind of weird but when we start to reexamine what we know Through the electric universe lands seems to me like things. Start to line up more. Make more sense so no not the expert in my opinion though. Yes definitely and that's something that i do plan on talking about. Learning more about on my shaolin santos actually mentioned that so for like in passing but it was worth. It's worth listening to folks. If that's good good. Endorsement of my shell will please check it out. Episode seventy seven santos banacci also talked about led zeppelin. I don't know if If if that. But when. I when i saw dave zet i kind of like in a battle. Resolute led zeppelin will resonate with some of my audience for for sure. Yeah well in like Maybe what's the word you know pl- In like a. Of course i'm dyslexic. I'm forgetting the word dyslexic. That's dyslexic in way. I saw your name zad and thought of led zeppelin. So i just thought i would bring that up and see if that resonated absolutely absolutely i just honestly i. I was going to wrap it up. I just had one more question. And i totally straight with you. I think i'm going to have you on again a bunch of times because we can just keep going and going and going On we should even do a whole playlist their series if you ask me. But paranormal versus not versus rather. But would you put the classification of paranormal and inter dimensional or multidimensional in the same category. Would you say that you know people having paranormal experiences. Which again i. The accounts of them for god knows how long have been quite not really anything that far out there for for a lot of people around the world really. Would you put paranormal beings as beings that haven't fully. I don't wanna use. The word crossed the term crossed over right. 'cause there's proposals that there are certain aliens that are working with governments to sort of put us in a keep us a soul trap or a soul cycle after our physical body dies. But what's your take on the paranormal relative to you. Know the the the beings that you told about The the indian tribe the native tribe. Excuse me seeing the lizard woman. What are you like in your personal perspective. Your experience your opinion. What are you classify. Paranormal as like. I think that there is There's a condition that we have as human beings to forget where we came from and we sort of think of existence and living as like this thing where you have physical body And when we encounter beings seem to act in ways that would indicate that they don't have a physical body we have to like classify them as something else. But i think you know just like animals have different abilities. Conscious being such as humans are in a different class and have their own specialty inability and become earth that were on. We forget our souls you know path are are true. Celestial nature are real connection in when we dream we sort of you know. And i'm not. I'm really unsure about this but i think it's an it's a really fascinating thing to explore is like what is a dream where you going. Is that your soul leaving your body. And i just started the guy who astro projected And does it frequently. And you know there's a lot of really amazing things that he's learned in comeback with from those journeys and i think that's something that spiritual people have done for thousands of years. Would you would you put sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you but would you put me the paranormal experiences or beings at a lower density. Let's call it then. These other inter dimensional ones that you know if you took a iowa's castillo been magic mushroom things like that that you would see at a more ascended level whereas paranormal seems to be. I don't wanna say descended but more grounded or dense if you wanna call it like because of their ability to move objects in some cases a paranormal stories. That people told time. I think it's again. It's a matter of It's a matter of case in the sense of like if you walked into a rattlesnake. Then row here looking for trouble you know. I think these beings even though they treat us malevolently. It's because of our misunderstanding of our reality and our confusion on that level makes us. Just write them off all his. I think we're just not understanding and interaction. I think human beings are the steam as them in a way they just have a different ability to interact with the different dimensions than we do. We kind of interact with it in this way. Where for half the day were in third dimensional consciousness and for the other half of the day some of us are in fourth dimensional consciousness. Some of us have been toxic fide to the point. Where maybe they don't remember their dreams. I'm someone who can say like maybe that's the case for me most of the year but And not like. I'm doing drugs or anything. By meaning your energy your writer environment is toxic. You know But way i think you know ghosts. Bigfoot all of every single being the exists in front of our eyes. They're moving in front of us. But because we're so wired into this third dimensional vibration intend to see them until we're out may be in the middle of nowhere where there's less energy to interfere with our aura or energy body right. I think it's just a matter of like we've forgotten to a large degree. Who are what. We're doing here why we're here. Who are neighbors in this reality and that provokes a lot of fear which makes us think like well. They're all evil. They're all demons and like that plays into like the whole christian perspective to in the empire buildings like well. They don't want us to have a good relationship with the elemental because then we might be magnetized and be more in tune with our environment. Get away from their city building. You know so. They told us about all the demons. And i don't think that means that. There's no such thing as demons. I think that you know those elemental could be really mad and do some really bad things. You know all these spirits. You know the way they manifest you know and even on the side of like the parasitic being like wherever they came from. And even like the plods you know like right. Have the teachers you know. My girlfriend listened to pleadings often. And i listened to it with her and then you hear stories of like well you know in the old days plead for like killing the drama millions and so i think like even when you look in the stars in the star beings that are allegedly out there. There's good and there's bad rights there's there's sasquatch but then their dog man you know there's there's like a ghost that knocks over your fine china and there's like a ghost that like pushes like a brick on your head you know like degrees to it. And it's more based on like our confusion and a lot of ways and how we're disrupting these natural forces that were already there before us because we have this really confused paradigm of what we're in you know we're just kinda stumbling around blindly not realizing that we're in a room with the light. Shut off thinking that we have in all figured it out. We know where the kitchen is. We know where the bathroom is. And we can make our way to all these rooms but if we'd only turn the light on that we would see that the room's not empty and there's all kinds of things we've been bumping into and just explaining them as like you know. Oh that hurts. And that's it not going ever further past that. There's something hurting you you know. I think it's like in the spiritual way a metaphysical multidimensional would i. That's what's happening so you think there are actually. There's there's multiple arguably like this. This universe is teeming with life but just in ways that we can't see right right. Yeah and we only see like probably You know seventy percent or something of the light spectrum. You know literally scientifically wanna be super logical and less intuitive. That's scientifically proven that we're only seeing certain amount of light. Uva ultraviolet all those spectrums. No red light. you know. There's all sorts of me curly in photography. You're tired about that on I think one of your more recent episodes. Yeah couple days ago. Yeah yeah and that was like super interesting. Because i had a book about curly in photography that i've been like holding onto for a long time of never read to thoroughly but it's interesting because there's all these pictures of like a soul leaving kayce bodies dying on a like a hostile bed and i think that's a pretty famous image people can look that up but it's legit like that guy took that picture. There's no artist that like came in and drew that right and when you see that picture. It's pretty compelling and yeah that's one of the many reasons why. I believe in reincarnation in all the other things that having a soul might You can extrapolate from that. You know some people see it differently. They believe in like the heaven paradigm. But i think have an inhaler metaphors for a life. You know that you can either make for yourself for or or or someone makes it for you. You know roy talking about before where they get you used to living in hell lifestyle get used to it and there's nothing you can do to change it your disappointed. And that's what the flatter people say a lot of times to like. We're just you know and i. I agree with that whole line of thinking like we're not meaningless but the whole scientism movement is trying to get us to think we're just like meaningless nothing on a floating rock in space. And whether you think that's because globe versus flat or you know spiritual war however you want to interpret it. I think there's something about meaning that's important and they're trying to keep us away from understanding it and to that too quickly. I also think as well that it's backfiring in the long term on on these people that are doing that because like you said you're gonna have people saying like they're doing now You know we argue. Kovic escalated that but even before people saying why am i here. Why am i waking up every morning to go to work this nine to five to pay these bills arguably i mean that are that are fake there. Its value that we give that. It's money that we give value to right. It's something we we give value to. And if enough people as my girlfriend gave perfect example this morning said you know if enough people got up in the morning and went to the bank and pulled out all their assets in their money and liquidated everything in cash. The banks will then have to cave to the people right and so i think it's going to backfire like you said because now you can have people such as you in me and the audiences in our communities that are extrapolating into all these different things than other thinking. Oh christ like how the hell can we suppress this right so an i. It seems like they're trying to play whack-a-mole with the internet censorship. And all that but the the. I'm really sorry. I keep saying the last two. But i promise the last to your thoughts on adrina chrome and covert this. This will be for the patriot members. Because there's no way youtube will at the stay up but I mean do you truly believe that. There is a form of within the child sex trafficking apparatus or operation aside from. Obviously the depraved stuff that you know epstein would do in all that for those those terrible people but do you think there is a literal soul sucking. I mean for example. Linda moulton howe If i'm not mistaken shortly before. Excuse me a carla turner. My my apologies was doing One of her final seminars. Talking about how A military eyewitness account witnessed a bunch of children's souls being extracted into these. What seemed to be glass boxes and it was done through the i as you know. The rumors are about a dream chrome and all about. Do you subscribe to any of that or you. Don't you don't think so that piece of information that you just shared his new to me But i definitely definitely have heard you know all the things about Adrenal chrome whether you're talking about dress thompson recently. Something about mark twain diaz thing for me. 'cause he's from connecticut place that i'm look into in that investigatory sinker mystic way that i've learned from mike and rosso you know. And then the whole google chrome thing like you know everything that goes into researching vehicle connections in hollywood and secret societies yemen. There's there's you know. I'll bring it back to new haven connecticut. The place that taught me so much about this whole realm of thinking in a way that they didn't intend The court house in the in the center of town hands a Has a edifice. Rav a roman looking emperor sitting in a throne to roman sort of lieutenant. General is leaning against the throne and then like on their legs or like child boys and then like next to the throne our child boys. You know russia's all like carved always next to like roman seeming people. So you know you can see in in like a place like new haven where the iconography of the actual court building is ryan indicating this kind of weird relationship between adults and children. And i think what that really shows. Is that a place like a courthouse a place like skull and bones mimi. Menial university these institutions. They have a secret culture. Let's call it. That has remained secret through their ability to have power over the rest of us and play with our cultures and manipulate our cultures and fight. You know turn cultures against one another ryan grim for their gains so whether or not. that's one of their practices. I mean people have heard my interview with sam onto hat by alister crowley you know one of the things. I learned about alister crowley was. He definitely wrote about that subject. And like in a graphic way row. I was personally disturbed by that and And just you know. Took that as a sign to stop researching him Because i've learned. I learned as much as i needed to And and also you know. I think yeah. That's yeah it's a part of it. You know when the or sexual abuse through mental abuse through spiritual abuse you know there are ways that You know the elite have figured out how to manipulate people in rudely dark and disturbing ways so yes that's part of the whole guns oil drugs and sex trafficking met i laid out. You know one of the things that choi mclachlan said on his higher side chats interview was the ancient system of was Called sodom right but we think of sodom like meaning homosexual but in ancient times sodom was another word for poppy opium so he talked about how this this play sodom and damore and he's a christian to take that for what it is kind of have a less You know factional look at things but but he he said that sodom and gomorrah had more to do with opium and an economy based on drugs. And if you look at what you see today with the vaccine to answer that question to that They're the big pharmaceutical. Companies were literally created by those same groups of people that evolved from the roman empire royal bloodlines dry places like prussia which became germany. Which had its whole thing. World war two when the whole world was restructured. You know it seems you know especially when we look at the celebrity stuff you know like you know what they do. They kill someone in their own family in order to get ahead while what if the germans took that sacrifice. They created a demon in their own backyard in order to change the world for their agenda in that subversive way using that guy escape. Go i'm not an expert on world war two or hitler or the nazis but those companies i g farben The international chemical institute earth group. Or whatever i see. I think is why it's icy i Yeah and it comes. From mike. Juan he was just talking about this. You know to give greg. Another plug does a great job. I love this show. And i get a lot of information from it but and i'm very transparent about that i will say but But either way yemen. Those pharmaceutical companies. They're involved with the elite. They're involved with schools like yale university stanford stanford harvard and. I just wanted to add very quickly when you bring that up because Jack valet and james fox when they went on joe rogan about seven eight months ago. I know it was to promote jacques valets book and james fox documentary but there were a lot of times throughout that entire interview where that conversation they had where it was almost like. Actually no they would literally say james fox would say something like well. Okay look i gotta be careful what i say here with what i say. Because i don't know of stanford will be okay with me. Going too far and then jack valet will say you know. This might not be up to harvard. St liking as to what. I'm about to say so i'm to be careful. They would throw those things in so to the to support what you're saying. Clearly there is some type of institution or apparatus that is the overseeing the dissemination of knowledge right and the thing that takes next to the to the next sort of sub question regarding the vaccines. Do you think there is no evidence necessarily needed. But because of how in tune with the world in the universe you are and all that and spiritual you see the vaccines being just going to say you know soul destroying if you wanna call it. I mean the amount of stories that i've ever heard in emails in the texts. That people have sent to me saying you know dave i go to. I go to work and it's not the same or you know some my all my family got it another acting different. What's your i mean. Do not have a perspective. Do you think there's something in there technologically on an esoteric level that we Publicly don't even have the ability to notice in. there might be suppressing. Think i think i'll legal level. I think the insurance companies the big pharmaceutical companies. They would be really in a great position to benefit. But they're evil agenda if they could patent us as human beings right and rhino. Very well you know. Gmo's how why they're able to patent a living organism which is not legal is because they're able to genetically modify it if they can genetically modify us than they might have more claim over our biological Energy fields and and you know with all of these like biotech things that they're creating now. I mean they might literally use us does like guinea pigs on a wheel. You know our hamster meal you know where like are smart watches or powering some kind of ai network because you know. Our biometrics are tuned into it. And then there's like a heartbeat that this ai can be plugged into so right s. It fits into recreating the creation in an ai. Technological artificial way Whether or not the you know biological toxic agent that they're putting in people is poisonous or not. I don't know but i definitely you know. Don't plan on being anywhere near it fair enough and And i definitely think that the whole graphing thing is interesting. Because it's allegedly first two dimensional material and if we're going to be in a dimensional universe third dimension i wanna go up forty five d those on great to me. I don't wanna take anything to to to be right. You know anchor me in the third dimension. So and if i'm not mistaken super quickly i just want to say speaking of graphene. Apparently there's graphing oxide in the vaccine. And i do not wanna put words in in her mouth or anyone. That has told me. But whitney web. Apparently the main reason she got kicked from patriot is that they told her like. You're basically in very fancy legal jargon. Her investigation and reporting was too good and so it was making people question getting the vaccine because she provided legitimate evidence. Sources all that that you know indicated graphing oxide being within the vaccine and so they had to kick her but yeah i would tell people to check out subscribed star to bring michael back into it. He has a subscribed star. I help him with some things here in their first podcast that he just came out with and one of the things i noticed was that That subscribed stars like super clear about never sponsoring people so i would encourage anyone who has a patriotic. I have one. i'm thinking about switching it to subscribe. sorry it's just. It's hard once you have people supporting you. Kazan you're like hey guys you got to delete your credit card information. Come join me over and over. Yeah yeah you know. I think people if if it's the right move it's the right move and obviously if you're as big as whitney web you know you get into that territory where people are afraid of what you're gonna say and like me alluded to earlier. It's getting away from them. They're now able to censor our speech where able to communicate with each other and learn from each other and new ways faster ways. And and yeah. That's why they need to really try to put something in our bodies whether it's the mark of the beast whether that's graphene whatever it is you know i personally think it's just it fits in line with the one percent you know but my brother. My girlfriend has waiting for. I just wanted to save her. Yes please tell every very quickly if you could tell everyone patriae on Where they can find you your show all that please while definitely check out the patron. Excuse me i sound so wack from it out on the patriot everybody yeah patriot dot com slash m. Fdic we have something called the sinker. Mystic exploration of the ever expanding. Now a case seen where we do this research like i go on road trips with my girlfriend all the time little day trips here and there and we go and video and research spots that seem interesting and kinda roll the dice and figure out in a kind of like synchronicity way. What's relevant to the mystery and so many cool things come up books places people so it's a fun journey and thank you for giving me an opportunity to plug that you know. Sometimes that's weird plugging you're patriots on other people's shows but no if you don't want to support and you want to support with just your time and your love than listened to my family thinks i'm crazy. Where on every podcast app. As far as i know except for soundcloud but who the hell uses soundcloud for podcasts. And and you know on instagram. That's where i usually post stuff about the new episodes and that's where i'm accessible people have messaging me more and more tell me they liked the show. I love that. Please send some feedback. Give us some reviews. I don't have an apple phone. So i don't really care about the i tunes reviews. I can't look at them. They're cool like if i could save everyone. The shows phenomenal. It's great thank you so yeah. Listen the show we just like. I said before we had santos on. That's coming out the same day. This episode comes out and we talked about the electric universal little too so a parallel subjects. And and yeah man do. This is a pleasure people who love this. Show look forward to dave join meazza guest on my family. Thinks i'm crazy. That's gonna happen real soon and one hundred percent a lot more in store man. I'm i'm excited to keep this thing going. And and all media. United is a cooperative of of podcasters who are independently united. You know we're just kinda do everybody's doing their own thing on one website so if you liked that kind of stuff you like this show all media united dot com pretty soon you'll find generations said there and and you can find all the other shows there as well thank you so much again brother and it was a blast. I'm sure the audience love this right. Andrea's mental yeah. Please send me up all right. Thank you for listening to the. My family thinks i'm crazy. Podcast swap cavs with generations. Zednik should follow up with him. The links in the description and also in the description are patriots. Only two dollars you can get over fifty bonus episodes. Please join us there. There's new ideas new content coming every week. We got a new show. Mental four generations said also. Got your.

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