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BULLDOGS and at Brandon Clark is raising that draft stock I'd say in this tournament as well. Westwood one. The NCWA radio network with the calls Gonzaga's onto their lead eight once again, the BULLDOGS beating Florida state seventy two to fifty eight holding off those Seminoles ROY Moore had seventeen one of four dogs with at least fourteen trend forest twenty in defeat. Mark view on his team moving on win man culture, a winning and the older guys the younger guys. This is what you do against win. How about some of those senior guys how about Zach Norval and the senior leadership getting it done in tough spots. Like, you say just confidence and belief, you know, in those situations like that, you know, you you practice every you go hard every day for those situations in me getting them. You don't want to let the situation be too big at all, you know, on the state level headed, you know, what I mean coaches put us in that situation a ton of times in practice, you know, three minute game. Mm the games stuff like that. So you just key in on the things that's most important. You don't want to get to waiver to in any situation. You're listening to the sportscenter allnight on ESPN radio and the ESPN app by Jim basketball, more from the tournament later in the show was also opening day in major league baseball. Chris sale who had just signed a five year one hundred and forty five million dollar extension. Got the ball for the defending World Series champion Red Sox Thursday in their opener against Seattle a team dominated in the past and a player he had dominated Tim Beckham who was over fifteen with nine strikeouts. Bursts the lefty heading into Thursday's game, but that would certainly change free agent. Becca.

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