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Family members so i know but here's the thing you're you're the smartest guy here because there's somebody that's going to be on this thing for about twelve hours or twenty hours that's going to get knocked off of this thing they just wasted twelve to twenty hours doing this you laughed after twenty minutes and his his last words before putting his low my gosh we lost another another one who lost another clinton's last words were who can go all the way if i get on that mustang twenty right who is this lady right over here what's your name sheri sharing whatever what happens wrong position really my back yeah jerry did you have your numb tongue to like to hear your breath you were just standing there now not a brats hot from sweating against the car and says you also have bad mexican last night what happened now all right well hey here's the thing at least you weren't the first one off the car this guy was does that make you feel i feel great all right well listen both of you guys the constellation is you got a great mo does make out with the mustang t so forever i bet did anybody ask you how long view last on there you don't have to tell them the only lasted twenty minutes or so last twenty minutes it's okay.

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