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Series moves to LA Friday night on AM, five seventy sports. The first pitch just after five o'clock. Hundreds of LA students have voted and partied at the same time. A DJ video games and carnival activities were right next to where this student voted for the first time voted for my community. I know other propositions, and I looked up like, you know, work. I try to make sure that I got information this sixteen year old participated in mock elections. Myself from south central California, who really can't even tell me the governor. Or one of the senators is something that not okay event. Organizers from power California, say ten high schools registered ten thousand students from the school district in the last year at the LA county registrar main office in Norwalk corporate Carson KFI news in southern California could face federal charges for attacks at political events across the state, and then are accused of planning to incite violence at political rallies in Huntington, beach, Berkeley, and San Bernardino, attacking protesters journalists and police officers their part of a militant white supremacist group called the rise above movement. Prosecutors say the extremist groups ports, antisemitic and other racist views add meets off to train and fighting techniques. So for three men are in custody. Investigators are searching for a force for other members were arrested earlier this month for their involvement in deadly riots in Charlottesville Virginia last year. Monica Rix, KFI news. Former fighter Jason mayhem Miller is facing a new felony vandalism charge. She's accused of. Smashing a large marble table Friday at a woman's home in LA Habra, also allegedly punched holes in doors removed from the home and derailed the garage door. Miller's lawyer says the fighter could go to prison for at least four years for violating probation. It's got a rap sheet. Dating back at least three and a half years news. Brought to you by American vision windows, a new apartment complex in money for the homeless has received more than two thousand applicants for just forty nine units. Lottery. Officials in South Carolina say they know when and where the winning mega millions lottery ticket was sold. But not who bought it. It's not known. If it belongs to a single person or a group the state's education lottery chief operating officer. Tony Cooper has some advice for whoever wanted a deep breath. What that ticket in a secure location? Consult with a trusted adviser ticket is worth more than a billion dollars. The lump sum is just under eight hundred seventy eight mill South Carolina's one of eight states were winners. Can choose to remain. Anonymous, a pair of preteen girls in Florida who claimed to be devil worshippers have been arrested over a plot. To kill classmates students cost Marto police chief Joe hall says a kid who overheard. The plot told the teacher who told the principal who ordered a search of the school hall says the eleven and twelve year old girls were found in a restroom noted that they wanted to kill at least fifteen people waiting and bathroom from the opportunity to find smaller kids that make overpower their victim police if the girls had butcher knives, paring knives and a pizza cutter traffic.

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